Have CLs orphaned your other shoes?

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  1. Since I discovered the wonder of CLs, that is all I want to wear. This is rather problematic because I only have 2 pair!!!!:P
    I have noticed that I have no affection for my other non CL shoes (I am talking like Nine West, Charles David, Aldo etc-lower end brands). I am considering getting rid of them but it seems like such a waste. Has anyone else encountered this?
    Also, now that I have found CLs, those are probably the only shoes I will buy from now on. Did you find this was true once you bought your first pair of CLs?
  2. I have... I have already listed and sold a bunch of my lower-end brands on eBay and donated a ton to Goodwill. I either want to wear my CLs or my flip flops. Simple as that! I always think to myself when looking in my closet, if I'm going to wear a pair of heels, why wear these cheaper ones when I can wear the nice ones?! LOL
  3. heck, my Pradas are being neglected...
  4. ^^ me too! I can't remember the last time I gave love to my manolos either!
  5. most of the time its either dirt cheap sandals from tj maxx/marshalls or CLs, oh and in the winter uggs or riding boots. i'm an equal opportunity shoe wearer but i have sold/given away to goodwill a lot of my lower end heels.
  6. My CLs do get the most wear, with Lanvin and flipflops tying for 2nd at the moment. I did wear Chanel today though.
  7. I'm an equal opportunity shoe wearer.

    I don't like *every* pair of CLs ever made and I don't have the life for many of the styles.

    I also work in an office that has polished concrete floors and some of my heels are very very slippery.

    I also have shoes I'm trying to wear out.

    I have thrown out or given away about 20 or so pairs this past spring (older shoes that don't fit anymore, hurt when wearing, wearing out).
  8. I've given the majority Manolos and Choos to my sister and sister-in-law and have given the "cheaper" ones (Via Spiga/Stuart Weitzman/Charles David etc) to my mom or goodwill and have sold a few pairs on eBay or just toss them away altogether to make room for my growing CL collection. I'm like most ladies on here, either CL's or dirt cheap sandals at Ross/TJ's. Although I've been living in my 3 of my Tory Burch gladiators recently--Dr says I can't wear heels all the time anymore because it's doing damage to my ankle. =(
  9. THe CL's have orphaned the other kids that is why I am selling my other kids :smile:
  10. Me too! I do still love my NK shoes and would like to acquire more, and possibly a pair of Lanvin flats, but I can't seem to take a break from CL long enough to buy them, haha.
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    I haven't bought another brand in 2 1/2 years and haven't worn another brand in 2. Only once to a funeral because I didn't want to get them dirty :/. I feel special and exclusive with them :P. I guess I'm shallow :/ lol. Cls and flip flops are my life. My husband hates when I wear heels but I don't care. He thinks I'm too materialistic, I just think I'm a typical girl who likes nice things. I need to sell my lower end shoes except one or two for rare occasions.
  12. I stopped wearing lower end brands 6-7 years ago. I donated them all or sold them on ebay.
    I still love my Manolo Blahniks.
    But I have stopped buying many other brands(Choo, DG, Prada, Cavalli) and just opp for Manolo and CL most of the time now.
  13. I'm selling my lower end ones now...
    I only wear my chucks, rainbows, or CL's. LOL
  14. madamelizaking-Are you kidding me that your DH doesn't appreciate how you look in heels??? Mine is pretty much the same, what is wrong with these goofballs LOL :biggrin: about wearing other designers to avoid getting the CLs dirty...
  15. I think my issue now is just with cheaper shoes. I put them on and there is a noticeable amount of difference in the comfort. Some of my CLs are too small and make my toes numb and yet I still prefer those over the cheap shoes that rub in certain places. Never thought I would become a shoe snob but I'm afraid I have!