Have Buyer RE-LIST or carry transaction out of eBay?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Right, it is like the #1 rule to NEVER go outside of eBay to complete a transaction. I've been reading other threads and saw that it could be fraudulent. With reasoning like this, you'd think the answer would be simple and obvious, right?

    Alas, Chloe fever.

    Carmen83, a stellar tpf member for over half a year, put up her tan Chloe front pocket paddy on eBay for BIN recently. I saw it, fell in love and dove into the necessary research, which led me to registering at tpf. As we all know, verification takes time..all the research, comparing, scrutinizing, picture taking (thanks, Carmen!), posting, waiting for replies to our post and re-posting again!

    Now, the auction ended beore I had authentification from the tpf Chloe forum. I wasn't worried because I had already initiated correspondence with Carmen and we were emailing up even into the New Year. She waited patiently for my scrounging about and was very accomadating. Through our messages and (I admit) reading over her past posts on tpf, I felt progessively confident in her, as a seller and as a true purse enthusiast of authentic designer bags (she has posted her collection up before). At this point, the one thing standing in the way was the issue of return policy. Having been burned by eBay in the past, she no longer accepts returns of any kind. I re-buttled by asking for a lower price (from $675 to $650). Here are our messages below (hope it's ok, Carmen):

    "Hey Carmen,

    Sorry I'm getting back so late...Wed. is usually must-see-tv for me!

    I heard back from tPF and you were right-2006! Whew! Ok, the transaction--let's see, ebay says never to do this outside of their system/website. Also, I've only used ebay once before and it wasn't to sell, so I'm really not sure how it works from the seller's point of view. Since the auction was officially ended, does that mean you can't re-activate it for the purposes of that second chance offer function? If you have to start a brand new auction, we should coordinate it so that I can BIN immediately afterwards.

    I am thinking that you are still not feeling comfortable with the return policy issue--I don't blame you. Perhaps as a compromise we can adjust the price to $650? I hope you'll consider it! I am so excited about my first Chloe, I'm practically bouncing off the walls!


    Carmen's reply:

    "I could relist the purse, but that would involve more ebay fees on my end. If you are willing to do the purchase not on ebay, and with money order/cashier's check, I can sell it for $660. If you would like the transaction to be on ebay/paypal, I would not be able to lower the price because of the fees.

    Please let me know,

    So, buyer and seller, ready to do business. But how to go about it? I don't have much experience with eBay, having only bought one thing, which would be a concern to any seller. I think Carmen and I both have communicated very well and developed a positive repoire, so far. We've been understanding and honest. Now, how to carry this process out, the easiest, correct and most safest way, for both our sakes?

    TIA, fellow tpf members, for your valid opinions!

    P.S. Below is a link that should take you to pictures of the Chloe paddy (if I've done this correctly)
  2. Of course I don't mind! I'm sure many of our fellow tpf members have been in situations similar to this before, and will be able to help us out!!
  3. You could still PayPal her the money and have protection for both of you?
  4. I offer to buy or sell through a BIN auction. Put a very vague title such as "ChocoGrace's bag" with 1 small dark photo or no photo, and put it in a category such as electronics. Put a message in the description that says there will be a $150 shipping fee for anyone who buys this bag. Say the bag is only worth $25. Voila! Send the item # to the buyer and they buy it instantly! Don't forget to include Ebay fees in your agreed upon price. Too bad they eliminated the designated bidder option. I would pay the higher price to accommodate Ebay fees. If the bag is lost in shipping, you are covered with Paypal. Worth the small extra $$ for protection.
  5. I don't get the problem. Relisting the bag will cost the seller nothing extra -- if it sells, the listing fee is refunded. Since bags don't appear in search results for a good 12 hours (sometimes a full 24), you have plenty of time to buy-it-now before another ebayer can find it. As for the FVF, that is already factored into the seller's consideration. Just have the seller email you the listing link.
  6. I would do the transaction on ebay. Going from 675 to 660 isn't worth it to me. You want your ebay transaction to document the full agreed upon price. I know we get to know each other virtually and sometimes even meet in person, but ebay with paypal protection is the way to go. Hopefully the seller has protection up to $2000. I would only send a money order or cashier's check to someone I personally know and have a good relationship with.

    Someone also mentioned doing it outside of ebay but in paypal. You'll need to research that further, but it may be an option. Hopefully someone with more paypal experience will chime in.

    If the seller has only listed the bag once, she does get to relist for free as someone else mentioned above. I hope it works out for you!
  7. :okay:Thanks for the helpful tips, everyone. Carmen, have you only listed the bag once to qualify for the free resell? I must admit, I am leaning towards eBaying. Also, what does FVF mean?
  8. I am not sure if this is still up for discussion but can't the bag just be relisted and have you the buyer pay the fee. That way you both are protected. The fees shouldn't be more than a few dollars. Carmen can create the listing just so you can buy it specifically.

  9. NO, please keep giving us ideas, this is good! Thanks, LVBaby...I'll see what she thinks about this, too!
  10. I was going to pm you, chocograce, but I see that you don't accept pm's or emails.

    1. Why would the buyer have to pay a fee? It's against ebay policy, and if the seller originally was selling the item on ebay, she should have taken the fee into account. I don't see why she should charge the BIN price plus a fee.

    2. As a seller, I would not agree to sell outside of ebay because I won't get seller protection. Doesn't matter if it's to a tpf member.

    3. Being a tpf member isn't enough, especially non-established. I'm not saying anyone is untrustworthy...it's just we had tpf members get scammed and scam people before. Just always exercise the normal precautions. Trust your instincts, but don't abandon all precautions just because it's a tpf member.
  11. Hi Chocograce,

    I won't be able to get listing fees back since I have listed more than once before. However, my brother gave me a great idea...Let's see if you agree.

    I will make a 1 cent auction with the title saying 'Private auction for Chocograce' and in the description I will say: The total of this auction is $665. ChocoGrace agrees to pay $660 + $15 for shipping and handling for the Chloe Tan Front Pocket Paddington. Shipping and handling will be via USPS Priority Mail.

    This way, I can save on eBay fees and pass the savings onto you (665 instead of 660 or 675 since I will end up paying a good amount of PayPal fees) yet you will still have the protection of ebay and paypal?
  12. To clarify, I wasn't going to charge the BIN price plus a fee...I was telling Chocograce that I would not be able to lower the BIN price on eBay since I had factored the fee into consideration. I was saying if she wanted to make a deal off of eBay that I would be able to sell for a lower price since I would not incur the item ending fees.
  13. Otherwise, I will just relist the original auction: $675 BIN.

  14. Carmen! I see you are online, so I'm writing you an email right now!!!

  15. What a wonderful idea! Since it'd all be done on ebay we can leave each other stellar feedback, too (I know I am in need of more, LOL)

    I didn't know it'd be cheaper to list a brand new private auction than to re-list an item. I'm glad that would help you though.

    Also, I should get insurance, which I know will add more to the cost, right? How do we go about setting the insurance part up?

    My boyfriend says that priority mail doesn't include insurance and that we'd have to go up insured express mail through USPS. Do you know if this is correct? I know it will be more to ship it that way but I'd rather do that then see a Chloe get lost in the mail!

    Ok, if we have 660 + ?insured express = ?
    I see you are on tpf so hopefully you will get this!