Have Black Crash, choco & dark grey glossy - next?


Massaccesi Little Muse (acid green nappa)
Mar 30, 2006
Palm Coast, Florida
I used to buy only black or brown. Then I bought black crash and chocolate crash thought that was a big step towards getting some color. The first real color I bought was Petrol and it was the best choice as it went with everything. Then I got some real color a wine MMS midi. Next purchase was a Hold Me in purple crash for my daughter but we both use it. Then I got an MMS in aubergine told myself that is like the new black!!!! I then got an Enchant Me in kiwi which is the most amazing color. The last sample sale I really got some color the Surprise Me in purple. I have gone from only having black and brown to having wine, petrol, purple and aubergine that is what happens when you become a BE fan. :tup: