have been selling for years and now this??

i've been selling on ebay for about 7 years...i have 100% positive feedback and have never had a problem...so, the other day an auction of mine ended and i went to relist the item and i got a pop up that said "a paypal address is required for you to sell"...i thought maybe it was a mistake and tried again, and got the same "warning"...so, i went to "ebay live help" and spoke to a woman who was infuriating...i was asking questions and it felt like she was answering me by reading from a script...for a variety of reasons i just don't use paypal at this time, and explained that to her...finally, after about 15 minutes of being frustrated i told her that i appreciated her help but didn't really feel like my questions had been answered...so, she says "thank you for using ebay and HAVE A NICE DAY"...i told her that i didn't feel that her sarcasm was warranted...she apologized and i left...now i have several bags to sell and am not "allowed" to w/o paypal...

LV Rawks

Jun 9, 2006
Midwest USA
I had the same issue the other day, very annoying considering I have been selling on ebay for years, made powerseller a few times and NOW they have this issue with me, whatever.


Feb 1, 2007
Why is a pp address required?
I think it is because it is linked into a bank account and sometimes also linked a credit card through Paypal. You have to have a verified address (i.e. your shipping address which is the address on your credit card bills?) This is supposed to protect from scammers and people who do chargebacks and use other people's accounts for fraud.
Ok, there are a lot of new rules on ebay!!! I don't know quite what to think at this point - do they protect us or make it harder to sell??? I do sell some, but mostly buy stuff. I just go along with ebay's rules when I do sell -- I offer paypal because it seems it is safer to accept payments that way. A lot of people don't even want to buy if they can't use paypal. I now don't even let people bid on my high-end items without a paypal acct. If they do a Buy it Now, it means immediate payment is required by paypal. If they win the auction (with a paypal account), they have the option to pay me with a money order or use paypal. If they do have paypal account, it seems like they have been "checked out" and most likely won't renege on the deal.. Does that make sense??? All I do know is that ebay and paypal are getting very rich at the expense of us poor sellers!!!!!!:smile: