Have been lusting over a...........

  1. medium Balloon bag by MARNI for ages - okay so I tried a few on here where I live and was convinced I had to get one (despite holiday bills) I wanted the dark purple one, which is sold out everywhere - found one in the Marni boutique on Mercer in NYC. They are sending me one ( no taxes, hooray!!) Can't wait to get it-if the color doesn't work for me, I can exchange for black (it's pantent leather of course). I am in 7th heaven right now!!! I've got the rush!!!
  2. Congratulations! I have wanted a Marni bag forever! Is the dark purple patent leather? Either way, I'd love it!
  3. Yes it is, the Marni patent leather is so awesome, as I'm sure you know - I am surprised I don't see more about this amazing Italian designer in TPF. The girls in the boutique in NY are sweet and helpful - Anya and Ursula - I can supply phone nimber if anyone is interested. One of the girls took these and some other photos on her blackberry and emailed them to me - the colors in the photos are not so great but I called the Marni Boutique at Bergdorf's and Saks, they didn't have the purple but said it was a gorgeous color. I can exchange it if it doesn't work for me - but I'm optimistic (for once)!!
  4. Congrats Suzy! Marni bags are still low on the radar, I'd love to see pics wen you get yours. Mmmmm, purple patent...:tender:
  5. congrats!!! i think teh deep purple is lovely!!!
  6. congrats!!!
  7. Post a pic when you get it!! I'm not really familiar with Marni, but would love to see it!
  8. Duh, picture is already there! Great color!
  9. I remember seeing a lovely Marni bag a while back in the Purse Blog section where Megs reviews new bags. That was my introduction to the label and I have been admiring them ever since. I don't read too much about them here either, but I often see them pictured in fashion magazine.

    Congratulations on your new bag! I know you must be beside yourself waiting for the FedEX man!;)
  10. SuzyZ, I just noticed that Megs posted a brand new review of a Marni bag in the Blog section!