Have been feeling BLUE lately!!!

  1. So I don't know if you gals knew, but DH and I have been busy and excitedly looking and planning a new house for the past few weeks. With the baby coming, it seemed like we had too much on our plate, but it was exciting to know that in a few months we would be moving into our dream house.
    Well, sadly the deal fell through and needless to say we were disappointed and upset bc we had so much invested, emotionally that is. Before all this, I has also paid a visit to my local H store bc I was getting an itch...my wonderful SA showed me a gorgeous white kelly that I immediately fell in love with, but alas, I couldn't bring myself to get it. Nevermind that DH still hadn't bought me a bday gift yet. I didn't want to give him too hard of a time esp w/ the impendment of our new house.
    Relunctantly I put the Kelly on hold, with hopes that DH would be generous and overlook the fact we were buying a house. That night, I mentioned the bag to him, but of course as I knew in my heart, DH goes on his soapbox of how we are saving for a house, furniture, blah blah blah. I sadly called my SA the next day to take the Kelly off hold. He then mentions to me that he has a beautiful 25cm Thalassa blue kelly also, same as the white kelly! BUT alas, I had to forego that too..didnt want to get into it w/ DH again!!!
    To make a long story short, since our deal w/ our dream house fell through and knowing how upset and sad I have been w/ the house, DH allowed a trip to local H store. He said since we have a few more months b4 we can get our dream house, he thought this could appease me til then! We got there 10 minutes b4 closing! I was sooo worried bc I didn't think they would let us in altho DH reassured me they would. I then go on about how they didn't let Oprah in, so why would they let us in??:p YAY!! NEEDLESS to say, I came home w/ something:yahoo:...BTW, it was very bizarre that PBC called me LITERALLY less than 5 minutes of me leaving the H store and asked me, "Are you at Hermes??" I swear to you she has Hermes radar or 6th sense!!!:graucho:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. it's absolutely stunning! i adore the color! congrats! sorry about the house- i'm sure one that's better and more pefect for you will come along soon!
  3. moviegirl that is beautiful, Congratulations

    I'm sorry to hear about your house, I hope the right one will come along soon for you. Big believer in fate, me.
  4. OMG MG!!!! Its beautiful! Come on give the stats! Leather? Boxcalf? Its soooo pretty!
  5. Its soooooooooo beautiful moviegirl.. its a gorgeous lil thing [​IMG]

    Congratulations.. and i wish you all the best with your dream house!!
  6. Woohoo! Thalassa's back! Gorgeous Moviegirl! You're so lucky!
  7. THANK YOU LADIES!!! I absolutely love this sz and this color!! It's perfect for me since I'm petite! I wanted her sooo bad esp bc I knew it was hard to get my hands on ANY H blue!!! THE STATS: 25cm Epsom Thalassa Blue Kelly w/PH!!! I LOVE IT!!! It's sooo cute!:woohoo::tup::yes:
  8. Sorry about the house... But when it's meant to be, it's meant to be... I really believe that. Dun give up, I'm sure your dream house is still out there!

    Very beautiful kelly! Is it 25? And very sweet of your DH! Mine would've just given me hugs :lol:
  9. That is a gorgeous blue kelly! Congrats!! Sorry about the house - I'm sure a better something is just around the corner!
  10. OMG! I love Thalassa! IT IS GORGEOUS! OMG! OMG! OMG! I cannot stop saying OMG! I love love it! You so deserve it! Congratulations!:heart::heart::heart:
  11. Congrats, she's a beauty!!! Don't worry about your house, it will all work out beautifully!!!
  12. Congrats this color is exquisite!
  13. The kelly is gorgeous. Congrats.
  14. Great post, and she is beautiful! I'm sure you'll move into your dream house soon, but at least you have her to make you happy for now!
  15. MG: remember....everything happens for a reason! had i not waited till the last minute to pick up your bday gift, miss ostrich would have ended up with a diff mommy! hehe

    your dream house will come to you when the time is right. and i'll be there to help you along the way!