Have been dying for these for quite a while...

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  1. so my friend tried ordering me some from a website and the scammers never sent anything :Push: she was also gonna buy me a cartier or a st. dupont lighter but she was kinda discouraged by the bad transaction....
    after 3 weeks she ended up getting only a partial refund. whatever, i wish i could have been gifted the cartier/st dupont lighter at least:girlsigh: but i received a couple french books instead.. i still enjoyed them!! anyway...

    on with my question but does anyone on tPF smoke these? (i like menthol cigs)
    or at least tried them? were they expensive? Where would you recommend that i buy them?
    i dont want to get scammed out of my money like my friend did.

    ive thought of calling a boutique and asking but have been shy...
    but if i dont find answers here, ohh what the heck, i guess ill just call!
    :supacool: well thanks guys for your help in advance!!

  2. I never knew they made those! I've seen cartier cigs, but not ysl!
    They may be for the european market....
  3. I think you might be lucky in European Duty Free Shops, since there I`ve seen Dunhill, Cartier and other brand name cigs you usually don`t get. Definitely not the boutique since cigs are licensed products.
  4. I had no idea about these.
  5. its from asia.. my bf brought these from the dutyfree in HK or macau.. the box is so sleek..
    he doesnt smoke just collecting so i dont know how they taste : )
    good lucking finding them!
  6. i saw these in december when i went on vacation in nearly every shop, they seemed very popular, this was on British islands.