Have bbags ever come with 4 tastles in each spot rather than 2?

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  1. ?? saw the pony hair one today at this store i found 2 vintage LV previously and not sure if it's real or not she prices the ones hes not sure about cheaper. maybe ill buy to authenticate (not much at all)

    i think it's one of the old? pony hair motorcycles? i guess they could have added more of the tastles to it??
  2. it can happen
    i bought one of my cities from harvey nichols london and to my surprise it had a pair tassels in each zip and came with extra tassels!

    hope that helps
  3. What do you mean by "four tassels in each spot?"

    Like each O-ring has two tassels total hanging off of it instead of one?
  4. or maybe the original tassels are split??
  5. ^ or they put the spares on as well.
  6. I love how we're all wondering about this. :P
  7. Mine are split. And at first it could seem like double-tassles!
  8. Yes, '06 pale rose first came with a total of 6 tassels ( 2 separate tassels on top zipper, 2 separate tassels on side zipper, and 2 new spare tassels.)
  9. ^ And I (STILL) wish there are spare tassels for newer bags :shucks: