Have anyone shop online at Browns (London) before? Pls give feedback. Anything!

  1. Hi fellow members, please input any feedback you have about shopping at the Browns online store or even Browns London. I want to buy a bag that I have been looking for forever from their online store asap. You should know how impatient we all get when it comes to a bag we really want. I am worried as this bag is expensive to me. Please help a fellow bag enthusiast out.

    A few questions:

    1) How long does it take for your stuff to arrive?

    2)Are their stuff authentic? My greatest concern.

    3) Anything anyone can give me.

    Thanx beforehand and have a fantastic holiday.
    Love Narkeasha x:heart:
  2. I do not know about buying on line from Browns, but the store is 100% authentic. It is a very up-market store in London and I go in their a lot to buy/look. A lot of celebs. shop their as well
  3. I know a girl that lives in London and she shops there all the time and she said everything is authentic 100%.I wanted to buy a pair of shoes from them but im like you im worried that i want be able to afford it because its in pounds and there isnt a coversion table on the site to tell you how much the purchase will be in US dollars. I'll see if i can get more info from my friend and relay it back to ya.:smile:
  4. Hi there
    I have only been to the shop but they sell authentic stuff there, so my guess would be that the same applies to the online shop - in any case, I am sure there is a return option, so you can always send the bag back if you don't like it, etc.

    . I love cruising their website because they have lovely things.

    I can't find anything on delivery times either but this is always subject to customs clearance etc. Why don't you send them an email and ask them how long it takes?

    As for currency - at the top of their website it says your currency, you can change it to US dollars etc (but right now I guess you are right, the conversion will be quite shocking...)

    Good luck and let us know what happened
  5. I have bought from their website quite a few times. :yes:

    Definitely authentic, as has already been said and the items are sent in a gold presentation box, via DHL. :biggrin:
  6. Thanks everyone. (Saich2, Pursefreak25, lara0112, chloehandbags) Your feedback is very much appreciated. I have gone and buy the Gold Fendi B from their website. Hope nothing goes wrong, fingers crossed. Still a bit worried cuz never bought from them before. But thanks to you, I am pleased to hear positive feedbacks. Can't wait until my bag gets here.:yahoo:

    Have a great New Year!
  7. Hi there, Thanks for ur feedback. How long did it take to arrive to you? And don't mind me asking, which country are you located in?
  8. No problem! :flowers:

    I'm in Hertfordshire in the UK, so I'm pretty near the store.

    I think the deliveries took between 2 and 4 days. Not long at all. :biggrin:
  9. Hello, I've often shopped at Browns on line and they are almost as fab as Net-a-Porter losing out slightly on the delivery times and range, but otherwise outstanding. So, taking your questions in order:

    1. 48 hours maximum (I'm in London)
    2. Completely - absolutely no worries whatsoever
    3. Fantastic customer service, gorgeously presented products, helpful returns policy and all round on-line recommendation from me!
  10. yep, can confirm everything everybody says. The store is excellent, and no question on authenticity. I use them alot and have not had an issue ever.

    I think that they do not work out the customs for you unfortunately though, so be prepared to have a bill from DHL for custom charges!! :sad:

    Enjoy your gorgeous bag though :smile:
  11. :heart:
    That will be great, thanks.
    I am having problem with my purchase at the mo. My bank refused the credit card payment cuz its overseas. So annoying. Gotta clear it up.... I will count the delivery time too and let yous all know for reference.:heart: