Have anyone seen this one?

  1. I've seen this at the outlet in black and it definitely is a good price for that. Let me try to find some information for you.
  2. I bought a bag similar to this at an outlet.. Its called a lunch tote. It was about a year ago. I hardly see people with it. SO I am assuming it was only at the outlet.
  3. the bag in the auction is not a lunch tote...it's too wide to be one (lunch totes are taller than they are wide)

    this is an outlet bag though...you can tell from the hardware on the interior zipper.

    seems like a pretty basic leather gallery tote
  4. Yeah mine was a lunch, but this bag is the bigger which was also at the outlet. Thats what I meant.
  5. hi, thansk, margatitaxmix. please let me know if you know which outlet has it? thanks so much