Have anyone seen this color??

  1. I juz saw this pic from the celebrity forum....Tamara Ecclestone is carrying a bright yellow phatnom....

    Anyone seen this color from the store yet? Or this is a special order only?
  2. I m hoping to get it:smile:

    Tamara+Petra+Ecclestone+Out+Lunch+Beverly+PU_b9WhFMhTx.jpg Tamara+Petra+Ecclestone+Out+Lunch+Beverly+qAbBfQLofnKx.jpg
  3. ;)Would it be this one??:graucho::biggrin:
    Yellow Purple.JPG
  4. That one in your attachment looks a bit suspect :nogood:. I believe she is carrying the limited edition Ponyhair ones in Citron. More photos here...
  5. wow good eye on the ponyhair
  6. Yes she bought it at Barneys in Beverly Hills and it is the Pony Hair Citron small phantom. I think they still have one more - ask for Jeremy in Celine handbags he will get it for you :smile: good luck!! I adore the ecclestone sisters style! They both dress so "normal" and classy.
  7. Ohhhhh.....Thanks so much cotonblanc for identifying....the Ponyhair is nice~~

  8. WoW....You ladies are the best~~Thank you soooo much lisabmiller......

    Yea i love their style too :smile: