Have anyone seen these Bracelets?

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  1. This picture is from a Style magazine/ October issue 41/ Thailand
    the price is Baht 54,600/ about US$1,827.31

    Is it available in Australia, US or France yet? Have you seen them?
    And what do you think? Will they look good on small wrist?
    and which collection are they from?


    Thank you

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  2. It should be from Fall-Winter 2010 Act 2, part of the "Rocking" theme.
    Pieces from the "Rocking" theme are made of Onyx, Quartz and Agate.
    Since it's from Act 2, if your boutique ordered it, it should already be there, if not then it should arrive soon...
  3. Thank you so much peace911_1 for the info
    Have you seen irl? I just wonder if they going to look nice on small wrist, and the retail price...
  4. Are there any other smaller bangles for December?
  5. Please help... does anyone like Chanel bangles?