Have anyone bought a Fendi bag from Jomashop before?

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  1. I'd like to buy one from then and would like to know if they are reliable or not???

  2. I was wondering the same thing?
  3. I bought my Metallic Spy from jomashop, and here's the honest scoop:

    They were extremely reliable and wonderful to work with, truly went above and beyond. Responsive, quick to ship, 100% authentic Fendi Metallic Spy arrived is perfect, new shape, in original Fendi factory box and packaging. They were even nice enough to knock about $30 off my bill because I bought from their eBay site whereas the same bag was available on their own website for a little less. I was extremely pleased.

    Here are the possible downsides:

    They are primarily watch resellers, so bags aren't their thing. You won't get knowledgeable responses about bags, and their customer service won't be able to send you pictures of exactly what you're buying. Also, the biggest complaint they get is that their online database isn't always up to date. They list things they no longer have. I thought I bought a wisteria spy from them only to get an email a week later that it was out of stock. Same thing happened with a watch I bought for my boyfriend.

    On balance, those are not horrible faults if you know them going in. I'd buy from them again without hesitation. They have some amazing deals on Fendis, and I know other people here have been equally pleased with their purchases from jomashop.
  4. they have an eBay account? are they cheaper on eBay?? thx
  5. They ocassionally sell fendi bags on ebay, but certainly not always, and definitely don't post their entire Fendi inventory on ebay. Their own website is much better and actually cheaper than the prices they charge on ebay, which makes sense.
  6. Thank you SO much! I was wondering about them too and hadn't heard from anyone who had actually used them in the past.

    That's exciting news! :yahoo:

  7. Ditto...on all accounts!!!:yes:
  8. I forgot that I also bought another two Fendi makeup bags from them. Again, all authentic:yes:
  9. Excellent Deco - thanks so much, I am hoping to order from them soon and hope that the customs to the UK dont kill me too much!
  10. They do such a good deal on the Fendi Zucca spy, I have often thought of buying this bag from them and they post to the UK
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.