HAVE ANY REQUESTS? Im headed to the Coach Outlet.....

  1. Hi all!
    Im going to a near by Coach outlet more than likely tomorrow, the 17th. If you'd like just make a list and I'll check and see if what you are looking for is available:nuts:
  2. yes any legacy bag! Thanks
  3. Will do. Im actually going to write every thing down on a notepad as the requests come in. Any certain color?
  4. Legacy stripe wristlet or coin purse! Small black signature wallet 6K05! Multi-color signature flower charm! Woo Hoo! Have a great time at the outlet and good luck!
  5. white please
  6. Any cute duffles! I NEED one and I just can't pay over 200! i love pinks and blues and khaki is always good!
  7. Me thinks you will be spending many hours in the outlet tomorrow... :amuse:
  8. umbrellas
  9. Khaki with the dark brown leather at top duffle. And if so what price.
    Any signature items.

  10. oh my goodness, you are too sweet!!! :nuts: I've been dying for one of those cute bow headbands like the one on the catalog cover. mine didn't have any :crybaby:
  11. Would you mind checking if they have the Soho Leather Small Hobo in Lilac? It's style # 10574. I'd SO appreciate it! Thank you!! :yes: Here's a pic of it in the pear:


  12. Sure! No problem at all:yes:
  13. Signature shoulder tote in black or brown:p like the one deweydrop bought not so long ago
  14. Do you have a pic? I have no idea which one she bought.
  15. Anything in optic or lurex!