Have any other pregnant girls ...

  1. chopped your hair since becoming pregnant? I did it when I was pregnant with my first and was so disappointed after. I felt like I looked even fatter;) Well, now I have 7 more weeks till #3 will be here and I just made an appointment to go get chopped again...I hope I don't regret it...I'm thinking short like Jenny McCarthy's hair right now...any thoughts?
  2. I did it right before I found out I was pregnant in an odd fit of hormones(like one week later I realized I was 7 weeks pregnant)-I loved my hair(like Reese Witherspoons is,long with bangs), it was highly out of character for me. I saw another mom flipping her hair around flirting with other people's husbands at a fundraiser and went home that night and chopped mine off so no one could accuse me of that.:roflmfao: I am growing mine again, hopefully by the time my baby is born it will be back. I found it made my life harder after my sons, having the shorter hair. I didn't have the pony option.
  3. I haven't. I actually like long flowy hair on me (mind is half way down my back), especially when I have a big belly. :p I will cut it short though closer to delivery, perhaps shoulder length, easier to manage that way.
  4. I lost a ton of hair after I delivered so I am glad I didn't make any "rash" decisions with my hair during pregnancy.
  5. Yes!!! Only a couple days ago. And I am sooo glad I did because this will be my 3rd and with a 2 yr old and 5 yr old I don't think I will be finding much time for it!
  6. I'm growing mine now. It's **just** long enough for a ponytail and man is it easier to have it our of my face! I'm assuming this will be my 'mommy-cut' as well.
  7. I read in a pregnancy book awhile ago which recommended not to get your haircut when you are pregnant. Something about hormones and the weight gain will only make you look and feel chubby, as mentioned in the previous posts.:heart:
  8. I had my hair chopped off in my second trimester. Went from very long to a pixie cut. Regretted it immediately but grew to love it after the baby was born.
  9. I lost a big amount of hair after I gave birth too. I only decide to cut it after my baby is out.
  10. My hair is fairly short anyway, but one of my students just came in with the cutest short haircut (along the lines of Victoria Beckham's) and I'm due for mine to be shaped up anyway, so I have a feeling within the next couple of weeks, I'll have a new short coiff! Luckily, my face isn't any bigger!
  11. Luckily my face hasn't gotten any bigger YET. Otherwise I might be regretting it. I'm sure in the next couple weeks that is going to start happening though!
  12. Nope, never had the urge when i was preg....always felt naked if I did!
  13. LOL~Everytime I was pg, I had a shorter haircut in the 1st trimester. (def. a hormonal thing I think!) This time, I kept it long, but just went to Paul Mitchell, and ended up cutting it short again!!! LOL! But it looks great (if I do say so myself :lol:). And I actually think I'm going to keep it this length!
    Here is my before hair (31 Weeks pg)
    And here is my New Hair! (33 Weeks)
  14. Me too. I am thinking of cutting mine and getting sideswept bangs once the Butterball pops out. Right now, I'm enjoying my long flowing locks! :roflmfao:
  15. I was at the salon getting my haircut a few hours before the doc called to tell me I was pregnant. My hair was halfway down my back and I cut it to chin-length. I don't know what compelled me to cut it. Pretty drastic, but I've had that style before. I had gone to the doctor for the "pee test" earlier in the morning and then 5 hours later, I get the call. Now 2 years later, my hair is halfway down my back again!