Have any of you seen this miu miu coffer clutch?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I wanted to ask if anyone of you have seen the lovely coffer clutch in any store or anywhere for that matter?
    I absolutely love it but it seems to be very rare piece.:confused1:

    Thank you for your time!
    miu miu.jpg
  2. oh my! It's lovely. There's one one on eBay.
  3. fuyumi: I saw that too! I´ts been impossible to find this bag so I think I´ll have to get it, it seems authentic to me...
  4. Lol, I was watching it too, it looks beautiful!! I hope you get it!!
  5. Fingers crossed:sweatdrop: , I´ll let you know if I get it..
  6. I saw this on sale at Holt Renfrew in Toronto back in January in a tan color. It's absolutely divine and the leather is so buttery. If you ever locate it...GO FOR IT! you won't regret, and don't forget to post pics!
  7. I've never seen one of those before- how unique!
  8. Did you get it? :nuts:
  9. Hello ladies! The auction ended at 4 in the morning so I missed out on it:wtf:..
    BUT!!! I just saw i´ts been relisted!!! I wish my shopping budget wasn´t what it is this month..
    But I am doing my best to get a hold of this lovely bag!
  10. Gahh! I came to the conclusion that I could not go on my life without this bag and was one click away when i find out that it´s been sold only a minute earlier!!:cursing:

    Life is so unfair rignt now,,:crybaby:

    Will I ever find this bag ever again:shrugs:
  11. i think It's lovely!!!
  12. Anna_K, i saw the clutch on eBay again =)!
  13. Anna, you go get it girl, or I will!!!!!
  14. So I finally bought it!! Thank you for letting me know! I´ll post pics as soon as i get it:biggrin:

    Hopefully soon!!:upsidedown:
  15. Congrats, baby!! So happy for you (but you already knew that;) )!