Have any of you received your bag without the ID tag on the box?

  1. I did not on my purchase from Saks and was wondering if this is common and what you would do? I kinda wanted it on the box...do you think they would give me a new box...?
  2. They may have lost the original box or someone else has your box. Out of all my Chanel's, believe it or not, they all came in the wrong box. It may have a picture of the correct bag, but the serial/barcode did not match the hologram sticker.
  3. Thanks! Then I guess I shouldnt worry too much..
  4. Yes, I think they often mix up the boxes. My last purchase, from NM, they did not even give me a box.
  5. ME too! I purchased a wallet from Bloomingdales and they gave me a box that belonged to a different wallet with 2 story books! Oh well I guess whoever purchases that wallet is going to be missing some paperwork!
  6. Yes, that happens once in a while.
  7. Yes. I have a few flaps that came in blank boxes. I beleive i once heard an SA say that they have extra boxes in case originals get lost or damages. Apparently thae yare not allowed ot sell you a Chanel bag w/ out the box and itrs expected to be returned the same way

    The extra boxes are regualr Chanel boxes but don't have any ID sticker on them.

    I wouldnt worry.

    Although i did buy a Chanel from Neimans once that was shipped w/out a box OR authenticity card. I was annoyed and returned it.

    it makes sense for every bag to include a box.
  8. Same here, not all my boxes have the pic, name, descriptor on them. I prefer that they do, though.
  9. none of my boxes have description tags on them, only the Chanel name, they came from the Bond Street and Sloane Street boutiques.
  10. yep, my outdoor flap came in a box w/o stickers or tags whatsoever.