have any of you put non-louis scarfs on your speedy's?

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  1. I really want to add a colorful scarf to my new damier azur speedy.

    I love this coach scarf,
    But I don't know if it would looks super tacky on a totally different designer bag :confused1:
  2. i think when its another designers signature/monogram yes.
    i might be biased cause i hate coach. (sorrry) but i mean hermes has alot of scarfs worth dying for? even Louis vuitton has a ton! why go for anything less ;)....

    BUT IF YOU LIKE IT... then ignore me and JUMP AND GET IT!! :wlae:
  3. i use the coach pony tail scarves all the time, i think they are a great size to use
  4. I have done a no-name print scarf on mine, but wouldn't do something with a coach logo personally - to much logo overload.
  5. Personally, I feel it would be 'clashing of the monograms'. I would do another scarf though without any branding.
  6. I've done it with a twilly.

  7. but how about on a azur speedy not mono?
  8. I have a Hermes twilly on my Griet Damier and a Pucci scarf on my Chanel soft ligne black tote. Other than those two, I usually keep with the same designer. (ie: Hermes twilly with my Evelyn, Mirage bandeau with my Bordeaux) I guess it's a matter of personal choice. The colors on that Coach scarf are very colorful. GL
  9. I say try it, and see if it grabs you. That said, mono on mono might be a bit much but that's one of the reasons why damier is so great, it goes with everything. Anyway, your opinion is the one that matters! My mono Speedy is wearing a purple Pucci scarf today, I guess I was feeling inspired by the warmer weather here in southern California.
  10. not on my speedy but on my denim baggy :smile:
  11. Sorry, I should have read more carefully. When I think about it, I would still stay with a scarf that adds a bit of colour but maybe one that doesn't imply one brand showing on a LV. (That's just me being uptight and all matchy though). In the end you should do whatever makes you smile cause there is no right or wrong in LV land... only right. LOL
  12. Pucci scarves are some of the most beautiful, IMO. I think they look great on anything because Pucci is on a totally different wavelength than LV. Coach seems to be more of "competition" (kind of?) with LV, so that's why I think it's not for everyone. Kind of like shipping something UPS in a FedEx box. LOL

    That being said, I have put a Coach scarf on my LV Speedy 35, and when I went over to my mother's house, she said "What are you thinking?!" Gotta love moms... :smile:
  13. eh, it would be alright i guess since its not mono

  14. I agree.. I wouldn't want to look "show-offy" with different brands like that. but that's just me. I have a no-name scarf on my speedy.
  15. I would put a non-LV scarf that doesn't have monogram on it... that particular scarf screams Coach... and on an LV bag... not so crazy about it.. sorry :sad: