Have any of you met/know/have a connection with...

  1. Oprah??????? :nuts:

    Kinda funny question, but my friend absolutely loves loves loves her (she wrote ehr every week growing up) and would LOVE to get to go to the show or something of the sorts- anyone???? :love: :shame:
  2. Awww, how sweet! I have no connection to her, but I did sit in front of her at a Celine Dion concert once. Here's some info I had bookmarked for getting tickets to her show.
  3. Nope, I don't know her, but my father says he dated her while she was living in Baltimore.
  4. seriously elongreach????? What does he say about her at that time?
  5. My quasi-S.O. lives in the apartment complex next to hers in Chicago. :smile:
  6. My highschool (a Chicago Catholic School) was featured on her show and several of my classmates appeared on an episode. Word was that she was a real B:censor: . Now I wasnt there so I cant verify.
  7. ^ ive heard she is kind of a b!$%^ in real life. but she does cover alot of good causes. hmm...
  8. I know of a group that went to her show taping and apparently the group was separated to put the ones that were overweight way in the back!!! That was disappointing for them and surprising to hear about..but I do love her show
  9. I love Oprah!!! We should write to her and get Megs to go on it and talk about tPF!! =)
  10. unboyfriend!!!

    i know a guy whose father dated her...but that's about it!
  11. Shall I pick you up on my way to Chicago and we can stalk Oprah together? Grand times, grand times. :girlsigh:
  12. you know that there's no girl in the world i'd rather stalk oprah with :heart:. mind if i bring my unboyfriend, too? maybe they can, i dunno, talk about sports or something.
  13. But seriously, if we just sit outside the door of her apartment complex for long enough, won't we see her? Or maybe she just flies out the window because she's Oprah. We won't know until we try.:yes:

  14. :roflmfao:
  15. you're right, she might have a jet pack or something. hmm, and the plot thickens...