Have any of you ladies..

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  1. Have any of you ladies ever thought of taking some of the pillows in the boutique?? I always tell my boyfriend to snatch one, but only kidding. But I honestly wish I could have one of those pillows.... especially the legacy pillows. I wish I could decorate all of my house with COACH.. he he I am obsessed.
  2. I think someone in another thread had one... the SA put it aside for her or something? Maybe I'm just mixing that up with something else though!
  3. If I was an unethical person I would clean them out! Those pillows are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I constantly ask SA's if the pillows are for sale. I even asked at the Legacy Boutique. Dont feel bad.... the SA there told me that the pillows get more comments than anything else in the store!
    Coach needs to take the hint and start selling them!
  5. They are pillow covers. :smile:
  6. That's funny, even my husband mentioned how nice the pillows were when we were last at Grand Rapids. He asked me if they were for sale, and it isn't often he offers to buy something from that store so enthusiastically! :nogood:
  7. I don't hardly ever go to the boutique, just outlets so at first I thought you were talking about getting a pillow for your boyfriend so he can be comfortable waiting for you to shop. LOL! Really that's what I thought 'till I read it through. DUH! haha
  8. I have never been to this one, is it nice?
  9. YES I want those IN MY ROOM! SO pretty!

    Coach should start selling them! :graucho:
  10. Yes I always noticed the pillows when I go in! Someone on here did say that the SA let her take home the pillow covers, I forget who it was.
  11. Those Legacy pillows would look perfect on my sofa! I could use some tattersall in my guest bedroom, too!