Have any of you had problems with your Damier?

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  1. I am torn between mono and Damier for speedy. But worry because I have heard Damier stains items and gets noticable scrathes or white spots? Any advice?
  2. I have had ZERO,0 No problems at all with any of my Damier pieces. They are my favorites & I use them a lot! No probs at all.
  3. It is just so hard to decide between the Mono and Damier for a first bag. Yikes.
  4. I also have had NO problems with my Damiers. I think it's nicer than Mono.
  5. Nope. It's my rainy day bag.:biggrin:
  6. Do you mind if I ask why you feel this way?
  7. Sure thanks for asking!
    I my opinion, unlike mono, its lower maintenance with no vachetta. Also I think its lower profile, I like the subtlety that it presents. Like mono, it still has a classic and timeless quality about it, and it just as durable.
  8. thanks it is such a big decision and I do not want to make one I will not be thrilled with.
  9. damier is classic.

    consider getting a damier bag and a small mono make-up bag or wallet to put in it! then you'll have both!
  10. Troya--ditto

    LVLovingTeacher--I think that you should have one of each in your collection, IMHO. I do, and I love the versatility of it. The mono is gorgeous, but alittle more high maintenence and flashy. The damier is my everyday bag and I looooove it:smile:

    If you can only get one right now, buy the damier and add the mono later, IMHO:smile:

    Have u looked in the visual aid thread and seen the collections of LV Addict, LV Babydoll, Taco, etc?? I love drooling over their collections. They have alot of LV pieces...maybe try looking in that thread to help make up your mind.
  11. I haven't had any problems with the Damier. I read a pfer having a problem with the inside lining staining, but haven't had that occur with mine. It's probably an isolated incident.:shrugs:
  12. I have had some white tiny spots on my damier, I don't know from where, but I can just scrape them off with tweezers, no big deal. Otherwise, very low maintenance and subtle, my PHH does not even realize it is LV. :graucho:
  13. What does PHH mean? I wonder what that comes from
    (the white spots)?
  14. PHH means "purse hating husband".

    I've never had an issue with any of my damier either, and I have 4 pieces.
  15. PHH - Purse Hating Husband. :smile: Mine's not really hating but he does not understand why I would need more than a few bags. :rolleyes:

    I think the white spots might be from my tango (which has that flap that flairs out a little) brushing up against stuff and picking up paint or something. They come off, and it is probably no different than mono, but I don't know?