Have any of you guys used the Edith as a laptop bag?

  1. I love the look of the Edith and am wondering if a 15" laptop fits okay. I think it would be my dream laptop bag.
  2. I think the large Edith would fit a laptop. Not sure if any of the Edith owners here use it for that purpose though.
  3. A 15" laptop does not fit in the zipper of the edith. Sorry.

    I bought one specifically for that purpose, the size nets out. However, the zipper construction eats into the top inches and I was unable to get my laptop inside the bag.
  4. Thanks so much for letting me know. I guess I'll have to cross it off my list.
  5. Sadly it was off my list too. I also bought the Edith tote and just couldn't quite reconcile the look with the function (more causal with a business only use)

    I ended up with a paddington in the large tote size instead and it works beautifully for a laptop or work docs (see Family Pics thread for a size comparo).
  6. Very good question. When I lately bought my notebook, I also wondered if it would fit into my edith....unfortunately not :sad: Would have benn really a great notebook-bag.
  7. my mac fits the bay perfectly!