Have any of you ever had Nordstrom ship you your handbag?

  1. Hi Chanel Fans!!

    I've had finally decided on my Chanel bag...and that is the GST.
    But, Nordstrom is shipping it to me...has any one out there ever had your bag shipped from them? If yes, were there any problems? Because, I am soooooooooo excited in getting my bag now!!!

    Thank you!:tup:
  2. I had a Burberry shipped to me. It came very quickly and everything was perfect.
  3. YAY!!!!!!!! Do you recall if the shipping co. was from DHL?
  4. Nordstrom did ship my camel colored medium caviar flap. It was free shipping and I swear it came pony express, meaning it took forever! But the bag was fine and in perfect condition, came with the matching box, and had the matching auth. card too. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again, but they ship slow. I don't even think they shipped it out on the day I bought it.
  5. Mine was shipped from Seattle to NJ.
  6. ^^^I agree with DD101. Nordstrom shipped me a Navy Patent Jumbo flap about 2 months ago. Shipping was free, but it took forever. It took them several days before they even shipped it out to me. Other than that, there were no problems.
  7. Oh nooooo pond23!!! 2 months ago????? It didn't take 2 months to get there did it?
  8. Hmmm, Nordstrom shipped the bag to me via dhl overnight, so I got it in one day and it's free too.
  9. I only buy my Chanel from Nordstrom Seattle and I have never had anything but speedy delivery and perfect service from DHL despite what others say. I always upgrade to 2-day shipping which is only $9.05. That's nothing compared to what other stores charge for 2-day. And because I am a level 2 Nordstrom charge card customer, shipping is always credited back to my card.

    As for the slow delivery, it takes time to ship a parcel across the country via ground. Depending upon when you order you may have to wait out a weekend or two which further delays delivery. For example, if you order on a Friday and the bag doesn't ship out until the following Monday, it may take 7 business days to reach your doorstep. So - you order on a Friday: Saturday and Sunday go by, the bag ships on Monday, then you have to wait the rest of the week PLUS the following weekend for the bag's arrival on maybe a Tuesday or Wednesday? It is always better to upgrade to 2 day if you want expedited cross-country shipping.

    Don't blame Nordstrom; they are doing their job.
  10. Only great experiences here:p
  11. ^^^No, no, it didn't take two months to arrive. Sorry I wasn't more clear. I meant this happened 2 months ago. It took almost ten days in all to arrive. Sorry for the confusion.

    It was from Portland. There was a delay on their part in calling DHL, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt since they are new at carrying Chanel.
  12. I ordered my stuff on Wednesday night and had it Friday morning but then again I had it next day to me.
  13. i ordered a balenciaga at nordstrom sacramento.. and they shipped very quickly~!!! from CA to NJ took about 3 days i would say?