Have any of you ever bought a bag by this designer?

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  1. No - but I saw this bag and other bags by this designer at TJ Maxx and Marshall's yesterday. It was cheaper than this auction - it was 100 bucks at the store. The leather felt nice, but besides that I don't know anything about them.
  2. I have never heard of them and was just curious if anyone else knew anything about them. Thanks! :smile:
  3. There are many threads on this designer if you do a search you can see what people think of this designer..
  4. I asked someone yesterday how to do that and they never answered me, can you tell me how? I just joined yesterday
  5. Type the name in search tpf
  6. on the top right, 'search this forum' (when you're in a forum, not in a thread) then type in your search terms.

    B. Makowsky bags are made by the same people as Kathy Van Zeeland .. They sell them at Nordstrom now, but I do know that you can regularly find them in TJ maxx and Marshalls..
  7. Ive attached a screen shot in case you cant find where the Search tPF button is..


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