Have any of you bought 2 or more LV's within a week or a day???

  1. I just bought a new LV 3 days ago and if I sell enough stuff soon I will be be buying another one within a week or 2. Have any of you bought 2 or more LV's within a week or even a day?
  2. Thats awesome :smile: good for you.

    Yep, I bought my lockit H, panda cles and pochette all in a week.
  3. :yes:
    You are not alone, LV's addicting that way.
    welcome to the forum!
  4. Yes! This week, I've bought two. And the one I just bought last night will be my third LV in 10 days!:nuts:
  5. I bought a manhattan pm and a azur damier speedy 25 in a week
  6. yup, bought 2 bags in one day, just last month. and i've done the 2 in one week a couple times already. :push:
  7. Not until I joined TPF!!! Been going to the Boutique waaaay too much lately. They think I am nuts there! Oh well!

    I bought my Sophie, my Damier Speedy, and my pomme cles all within three weeks of one another.
  8. i thought i was the only one! i bought a blue denim mini pleaty just last week and might buy a beverly clutch today!!
  9. I bought a Damier Speedy and an Epi Speedy in one day just recently.
  10. I got my Speedy 25 and the Vernis Reade on the same day. One I bought, the other was a surprise from my dh, but they both were delivered to me at the same time. Talk about overwhelming!!! I got over it, I am already plotting my next LV purchase, lol.
  11. in 3 weeks I got a necklace, jacket and a mc ipod holder lol
  12. You are not alone!! I usually get a LV bag and matching accessories at the same time. In March, I bought Azur Speedy 25, Saleya PM, Mini Pochette, and Zippy Wallet together in on day. And this April... I bought Hampstead MM, Ivorie Epi Alma, and Neo Speedy with a week or so. I am thinking of returning one of them and go on a purse ban until June.
  13. In a 3 day peroid, I got a Mono Pochette and a MC Wapity
  14. Well this isn't always a typical spree for me as I was waiting for the Spring stuff but in three weeks I have gotten:

    The Nimbus (Cloud)
    The Fersten (Dentelle)
    The Kirsten (Dentelle)
    A Wallet (Dentelle)
    Melusine shoes ( I LOVE THESE!)
    Denim wedges
    LoVe tee
    Inclusion bracelet
    Inclusion ring
    Framboise cles
    two pair of Bastia flip flops (one for DH, one for me)
    etoile bandeau

    So I guess that's a yes... :push:
  15. Got 2 white MC speedys for gifts to relatives back when it just came out and later on 2 agendas for neices. That was when I was not into LV but family always has been. I got into it late otherwise I should have gotten something for myself, lol.