Have any of you been to Desert Hills Premium outlet?

  1. I was just wondering if any of you have been to Desert Hills premium outlet or Woodbury commons? What do you think of either or both? There list of stores is pretty impressive. Is it worth a trip?
  2. I've been to Desert Hills premium outlet. I bought from Gucci and Dior. The stores had a lot of last season items. They also had Max Studio, my fav. The drive was only 1 1/2 hr from where I live, so it wasn't bad..
  3. i go to desert hills pretty often. i've found that it's either a hit or a miss there. it all depends on what stores you shop at and what merchandise they have at the time. it's worth a shot though...there are over 100 stores there!
  4. I've been to Woodbury Commons. Right now is probably a good time to go to get good fall fashions...

    Anyways, my visit resulted in a LOT of goodies...

    But know prices before you go, and check on the website - Premium Oulets.com(?) and see about the printable coupons.

    Happy Shopping!!
  5. I like Dessert Hills....we hit it on our way to Palm Springs. My s.o. buys fabulous mens clothing in Gucci. It is definitely worth a trip!
  6. I've been to Desert Hills. Everytime I've been, I've never found a thing at Gucci. Guess it all depends on your timing.
  7. I love the desert hills in cabazon - we vacation in the desert once a year, so I only get to go once a year - some years I get a haul, some years I leave empty handed...but I always have a great time.
  8. I usually make a trip to Woodbury a couple of times a year. It's hit or miss on what you will find. Sometimes I'll come back with some clothing pieces and some times accessories. Woodbury is the best outlet mall on the east coast in my opinion. It has tons of stores.