Have any of you Angelenos been to THE Sample Sale?

  1. is it any good?
  2. Don't think I've heard of it? Most sample sales I hear thru bargainsla.com and thru email lists, but not of THE sample sale... do you have more details?
  3. Do you mean the one at the Convention Center this weekend? I think the sale is by the same people who do Underground Denim. Mostly the jeans start out at $60 dollars. If you don't go early, you miss out on the high demand denim. By the end, usually Blue Cults, Joes, James and some unheard of lines are left over. Same goes with the tops. The Splendids, Ella Moss, and Grail run out quick. Selection is last season stuff. I can usually find something I like whenever I go, regardless of the time.

    I've never heard them charging that much before, and since it's at the Convention Center, I'm sure there's going to be a huge selection. It might be worth paying if you plan on buying a lot. Otherwise, if you wait until Sunday I don't think you'll miss too much.
  4. not the warehouse sale. i posted a link i think. it's just called The Sample Sale.
  5. The shoes and accessories were mostly used, but they did have a few Balenciaga office-type blazers.. there were probably around 10 racks of clothing, and some stacks of jeans, but I didn't really find anything I liked (though other people may have different tastes) :smile: