Have any LoveCat handbags?

  1. Hi......Just wondering if any of you ladies have any LoveCat handbags. I just recently purchased a fun hobo in a pretty, soft shimmery coral color. I also got an adorable small wallet with little pics of handbags all over it. I am still deciding on the orange patent barrel bag in the same line, I did buy it but not sure it's me. I may want to sell when I am allowed on the forum.

    Anyway, it's a really cute line from Italy, nice quality leather and very playful line. Just wondered if any of you out there have any, and if so, what styles? Thanks! giselle
  2. I hadn't heard of those. I just googled them...they are kind of cute, but am I looking at the right ones? They say, Lovecat, Paris?
  3. Hi, yes they are from Paris. I realized that I spelled LovCat wrong. I think the best example of selection can be seen at the HSN shopping site. They have my barrel bag, hobo, and that great wallet I mentioned. giselle
  4. ok, so they are made in Italy then? It's just a French brand? I wanna check them out....
  5. I don't think they are made in Italy. I have two of them and though I really like them. They are Hello Kitty like in their design. I think they are actually a Korean/French brand.
  6. No, never heard of them, but like looking into upcoming designers. I just looked at their website-- its adorable!!

    Pejcharat, There does seem to be an Asian language on the site, however I am not sure which one. :shame:
  7. I don't have a purse, but I do have a LovCat green wallet with handbags on it that I purchased from Nordstom....
  8. i'm pretty sure LovCat is a korean brand. the site is in korean and i think the headquarters is in korea. and every one of my friends from korea has a lovcat wallet. every one.
  9. i think they are adorable but have yet to buy one
  10. I had a lovcat purse in white which was adorable. There was pink piping and the lining was pink with green hearts (very girly). As far as I remember, it was pretty good quality for the price. I unfortunately ruined it when I wore it out with a dark purple top which bled all over the bag. Ugh. I know that Marshalls and TJ Maxx sometimes have them at deeply discounted prices
  11. I have a cute pastel green Lovcat roll bag- its really cute, quilted ina heart pattern- I'll post a pic later
  12. i :heart: luvcat!..they have the cutest purses an wallets!
  13. I used to have a LovCat handbag (there's no "e" in the name, actually). It was a really nice one. Made with super soft leather and cute silk lining. I sold it a while ago though. Every once in a while, I find one at my local Marshall's although I think Nordstroms sells them too. They have a website

    This is the bag I had - I think it originally sold for around $230, but I got it for $100 at Marshall's. They;re actually not a new company at all. I think I originally bought this bag about 3 years ago.
  14. I haven't seen any purses from then that I love but they have the most adorable wallets. It's a very Hello Kitty/Juicy style.
  15. I have a luvcat wallet that I love.
    The leather of it is so soft.
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