Have any issues with Vernis Alma leather coming off?

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  1. Hi! My Rose Indien Alma purchased in March just got a defect. A tiny piece of the pink patent leather has come off of the tip of the bottom of the handle tab. Taking to LV in Atl as soon as I can. Really hope the will repair at no charge. Anyone else have a similar problem? Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear that :sad:
    I've seen pics of old vernis cles pieces that have chipped around the edges, it shows white underneath.
    Hope everything works out well for you!
  3. Oh my...sorry to hear that. I just got my Alma and haven't even used it yet. Keep us updated with how it goes with LV...
  4. My Vernis Almas are old version, they look great without any chipping, I personally think vernis leather is great because it is really light weight and durable, the only thing worries me is color transfer. I hope LV can help you, sorry to hear that happens to you.
  5. Can you provide a pic?
  6. Im so sorry to hear about that happening to the beautiful alma! I just received my Alma in pomme and I didn't use it...keep us updated thank you!

  7. +1!!!
  8. hope it works out
  9. Sorry to hear that. I get upset everytime I hear someone go through quality issue. Its a shame LV with all the price increase !
  10. I feel the new version of anything in LV is of poor quality. They used to have such quality bags. From my personal experience, my old version Alma ( which I sold a while back) had quality leather! I feel it did not scratch as quickly as my new Alma bb.

  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392303979.269521.jpg
    Thanks! Attached is a pic
  12. I hope they're able to fix it!!! I just bought a PM pomme a few weeks ago and since then I swear more and more problems regarding the vernis keeps popping up!!!
  13. They should be able to replace that part of the bag, it's called the "chape."
  14. Did you talk to the people at Phipps or Lenox? I found the people at Phipps to be rude maybe it's because i'm "young (25)" This reason a lone I bought my last bag online
  15. Good luck!!