Have any Canadians bought from Revolveclothing? Please share your experiences!

  1. I know they have free shipping, which is great. What's the delivery like (do they have tracking?) and what's customs/duty like? Some on-line companies fill out customs forms different than others and that reflects in the cost to us.

    Is it worth it to order or should I just go to a store and buy what I need in person?

    Thank you!! :flowers:
  2. Delivery is okay by Canadian standards -- maybe 1.5 weeks until you get your item.
    Customs is always $5 + 13% for Ontario. If it's a light package and under $200, chances are, you won't get dinged. If it comes in a box (belt, shoes) and is over $30, you will get dinged. Pretty hit or miss.
    They have great CS and their coupon codes offer a considerable discount. Even if you do get hit with customs, the strong dollar coupled with their coupon codes make it much cheaper to buy from them.

  3. ^^ Thank you!

    Is it signature at the door? Could you track your package so you knew when to wait at home?

    I forgot about coupon codes. I guess I shouldn't order until I get one.
  4. I've sent packages to Canada but I'm pretty sure there is no tracking. They use United States Postal Service and once it hits Canada the tracking stops.
    I know that if you use JT you should get 15% off. Try REVOLVINSTYLE for 20% (i don't know if this code will work)
  5. You can request signature at the door/tracking, but you'd need to upgrade shipping to USPS express. I'm usually never in a rush, so I've never tried it.

    They give first-time buyers 30% off through a joint promotion with Daily Candy. Just call them and tell them, and they should give it to you no problem :smile:. There are some exclusions though (TR, SFAM, etc.)
  6. They're the best. I've received packages from them within days of placing the order, and luckily have never gotten caught by customs (they weren't boxed). They're my favourite online store BY FAR!
  7. I just ordered a T shirt. I'm starting small, to see how it goes and yes, they gave me 30% off.

    I was worried about not being home and having to go to Purolator's headquarters to pick up (that's Canada Post's courier) and they are located in the middle of NOWHERE. But USPS in an envelope, with no box... sounds good.

    Since they don't charge for shipping, we can continue to order small items at a time, and it should slip right through. :smile:

    Thanks everyone!!
  8. I order from them quite regularly--but I always get charged customs! I usually order several things, so the envelopes are thicker--that could be why.

    It takes about two weeks for my order to arrive, but I'm in Alberta. They always ship quickly, though, and I've found their customer service is really good.