Have an obsession that comes close to your love of handbags?

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  1. ...or even goes beyond it?

    How do you keep a balance?

    I am really into electronics (esp. Apple products!) and I also love collecting old vinyl...these days I am all about my purse obsession though!
  2. I'm a product junkie..I love makeup. :p I love Christian Louboutins and clothes a lot too. Hmm what else..I'm addicted to 24 and Grey's Anatomy among several other tv shows. Oh and tennis! I love tennis and I've played almost all my life.
  3. Priiin we have very similar obsessions, lol.

    I would say shoes (CL's are my fav) and product, makeup especially but haircare, lotion, everything, lol. Also I LOOOOOOOOVE accesories like scarves and fun jewelry, really really love fashion jewelry. Oh and sunglasses I have soooo many sunglasses bc I love he way they make me feel soo glamarous
  4. Lo, that's because we're sisters remember? :amuse:
  5. Hmmmm.....not really any obsessions with "stuff"....I used to be a big gambling nut....now I'm currently obsessed with paying debt :smile:
  6. The Purse Forum.
  7. I am obsessed with Yankees baseball and makeup , I go nuts over new nail polish by OPI , and in a couple of weeks when baseball starts I will turn from a normal purse loving girl who is nice and sweet to a name calling screaming yelling Yankees fan , I will become full on obsessed and spend almost every waking second thinking about our standings in the AL East and who is pitching the next game and what the scores are - its not pretty - my nail I obsess over the condition , the color , how shiny they are - its sad
  8. This forum and electronics :yes:
  9. Pugs.

  10. Yep, ditto this. Also, makeup and strangely enough, crosses. I love crosses.
  11. Shoes!!! and JEANS!!!! and shirts!!! hahaha. O and the gym, i religiously go. It doesnt cost a thing (except time spent on couch watching tv) which is always nice.
  12. tpf, beauty products (I get pumped over new Chanel lip and nail products just as much as getting to go restock my cheap hairspray), working out, nail care, HALO/other video games, all the animals in the world, and my DH.
  13. shoes!!!! love them! they are less expensive than bags so i have more of them :smile: they tide me over until i get my next bag, plus they update my wardrobe!
  14. Jewelry...mostly diamonds. It started when I was a small child, my parents telling me that I had better find myself a rich husband to support my habit, lol. My DH is by no means rich, but he puts up with my love of all things sparkly! I love looking at them, wearing them, studying them...everything about them!
  15. I really love to travel! And among my friends I am the trail master and navigator of the group. It is fun to do and I enjoy it.