Have an 05 indigo on the way - do I get the EB city?

  1. Help!

    I just got the call from BalNY that my EB rh city is in!

    The thing is, I had an opportunity to get an 05 indigo and so I have that on the way to me. And the picture I got from them, the color is not that vibrant or bright, but I know they are known for taking terrible pictures.

    I've been looking forward to getting the EB for so long ... but is it too similar to the 05 indigo? And this articular one is not the color I'm looking for, but I don't know if it's just bad lighting.

    Or should I wait for the 08 turquoise?

    Here's the picture that Bill from BalNY sent me:
  2. qwerty, I have an 05 indigo day but I've yet to see EB IRL. I'd say that indigo is definitely more subdued than EB. Personally I was hoping for a darker blue, but indigo turned out to be more of a denim blue. I tried to copy and paste pics, but for some reason I can't today. If you look in the yummy 05 club, you'll see pics of my day. Here's the link:


    I'd say the last pic is closest to real life. But as is usual with bal, the color changes depending on lighting, so in bright light the color is a little brighter. But in general, I think indigo is probably more muted than EB.

    What style indigo did you get?
  3. Not too sure about having two very similar colors, but at least your 05 Indigo has the so-called "yummy leather."

    Bal produces a plethora of blues, at least one blue each season it seems like, and it'd be a shame to have two of the "same" when so many are/will be at your disposal.
  4. indigo is more of a periwinkle color NOT BRIGHT at all!! so if you're looking for bright, go for the EB - i think the 08 leathers are coming in really nice and thick and puffy, which is exactly how s/s 05 leather is when broken in! if you are waaaaay into blues, then i would go for the EB too as i think the turq might be too pale and too similar to your indigo...
  5. Hm ... right now I think I'm going to pass on this. Maybe if I see one in person I'll pick it up, but as it is the picture isn't doing much for me considering I'm getting the indigo city!

    I don't necessarily want bright, but I do want rich and vivid, if that makes sense!
  6. There is so much variance photo to photo, this is one that you probably have to pick out in person. Indigo is great so you are probably better off with that color.
  7. If it makes any difference, I have an Indigo, and Ocean and I'm waiting for an EB... but I also really like the blues. Most of jewelry is either Sapphire, Blue Topaz or Aquamarine...
  8. Is that photo above meant to be the EB from Bal? They sure don't take attractive photos :p The color is so muted in there that it makes it look so dull. I have not seen Indigo IRL (in real life) but have a look at some of the other latest threads on EB. The color when its outdoors, is positively breathtaking. Indigo is prety but EB is just shockingly stunning. :smile:
  9. Indigo is SOOOO much prettier than the new EB IMHO...I personally prefer a bright turquoise-type blue and the dark sharp, but dark blue, so I'd vote for the Indigo:smile: But that's just me though;)
  10. If you love blues, then EB is probably a must get. From the pictures I have been seeing around here, it is a gorgeous shade of blue. I am personally not a fan of blues. I love the different hues of the colour but I find it hard to carry a bag or wear clothes in brighter blues shades. I do love Indigo esp if it's like sunny07's pictures. So if I have that I might give EB a miss. Then again all these colours out there are grabbing me!!! So there's no telling what I would end up buying LOL!!!
  11. if i had to choose between the two i would go for the indigo

  12. I know!!! I was a little shocked when I got it ... I mean, I cannot see how that is remotely the same color as the beautiful ones that swissflower, vikianderson, and may22 (and maybe someone else?) got.

    Anyway, I do think that I'll have to see EB in real life before I commit to it. :smile:
  13. Get the Electric Blue. I am glad I decided to sell my Indigo Twiggy for Electric Blue. The EB colour is what I hoped Indigo to be. I wish Indigo had more depth. Anyway, if you like the old leather, Indigo would probably be better for you. Just make sure you're not paying more than retail for it, if it's not in mint condition.
  14. YEAH! :p It just looks so different in each and every photo, but then again the true beauty of Bal bags are hard to capture on film anyway.
  15. I emailed Bill (at BalNY) and asked if the photo was a true representation of the color. He claims it is! So that's my answer - not what I'm looking for. Hopefully I'll run across one that is brighter and more vibrant.

    Meanwhile, I can't wait to get the indigo and see what all the fuss is about 05 leather!!!