Have a Saleya PM, need a Damier Speedy?

  1. I am having a tough time deciding what Speedy 25 to get. Mono or Damier? I love the fact that the Damier is worry-free but I just got a Saleya a few weeks ago. Do you all think it would be too similar to get a Damier Speedy? The only other LV I have is a Recital so it might be nice to have a larger mono bag? Any opinions would be welcome because I'm going crazy trying to decide!!!! :wacko:
  2. Hmm...

    Well, I'd go with the speedy 25 in mono since you already have the Saleya. That way you'd have 2 really nice bags, and different prints. Mono goes with everything, and is classic LV. IMO

    Good Luck on whatever you decide!:smile:
  3. Mono for some spice!
  4. I think that I would probably go for the mono as well. Good luck making your decision, they are both beautiful bags.
  5. I agree, get a Mono....you'll love it!
  6. I have both the Saleya PM and the Damier Speedy and I love it!!! If you love the damier, then get the damier speedy. But if you like to have a lot of variety, then get the mono. I like to use the Saleya when I need my hands free and the Speedy when I don't.
  7. Ditto. I have them Both Saleya and Speedy. Plus the Mono Speedy. You can't just have enough. :graucho:
  8. I say get the mono speedy for variety
  9. I'd get a mono, to add some variety and because it's a lovely bag that you'll be able to carry for years to come !
  10. I say get whatever you like best.

    there are others here that have several mono items so having two in the dameir is not big deal.

    if your worried is the nake leather then go for the damier.
  11. I also have all three--the saleya and speedy are similar but different. If you really like the damier pattern, get the speedy in that.
    I like my mono speedy because it is such a classic piece.
  12. Based on what you already have, I'd say get the Mono.
  13. i also say get the mono.
  14. Thank you all so much for your input! :flowers: We are having a huge moving sale this weekend. I've already made $400 on selling some of my bags so I am not too far off. :yahoo: I am hoping to get my Speedy in the beginning of July once we get down to the Bay Area. I think I'm gonna go with the Mono. :biggrin: Thanks so much!
  15. Definitely the mono!