have a question about celine purses

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  1. about 7 years ago Nordstrom carried a purse from the Celine line. i am trying to find the name and store who is selling it. I currently dont know the name and did a search on google for what ever it might be.

    the description if anyone might know what i am talking about.

    its a tube, papillion version. medium size. black with C's all over the bag. its in fabric, not leather or seude.

    thanks for any link or info on it.
  2. you still can find a celine in dept stores. they also carried clothes, bags and shoes.
    if this is what you meant :p
    you can also find them on eBay
  3. im actually looking for a particular style that was sold back then. i do know celine bags are still sold but i was looking for this style but just dont know the name.
  4. I would try doing a search on eBay for Celine bags and see if you run across the bag...that might lead you to the name or a photo that you can use to see if any of the Celine boutiques can locate the bag for you. But be careful if buying from eBay, since they often have real photos but fake bags!
  5. thanks. but no one here knows which one i am talking about?
  6. you might check neimanmarcus dot com to see if there are any pics that are similiar to what you are looking for.

    good luck!;)