Have a question about adding friends to myspace.com

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  1. My daughter has signed up and created her page and tried to add a friend. For some reason, it shows the friend as not being a member yet -- and she has been for over a year. So we tried 'inviting' my hubby and then he signed up. Still says the same thing!

    What are we doing wrong? Can anybody help? I can't find the answers in their FAQ's or even on google, so it must be an easy thing to do??

    Many things for any help!
  2. I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about, but...Did you search with the "find a friend" thing? Maybe the person didn't sign up under their real name? Contact the person another way and ask them to add your daughter...that should work...
  3. Thanks! I think we just found the answer... apparently it doesn't do it immediately or something? After a couple of hours, the info is now there.
  4. You're welcome:smile:

    If you found the friebd and clicked "add friend", they wouldn't have shown up on your daughter's list until the friend approved it...Is that what you're referring to?

    Either way, I'm glad you figured it out!
  5. Make sure you use the email address that they signed up with!
  6. Yeah, once you click 'add friend' eventually it'll tell you that they e-mailed her request to that person. If she accepts, she'll show up on the friends list. If not, then the request will be gone and she won't show up.
  7. Thanks all! It apparently takes a LONG time! She sent requests to 10 friends last night and this morning it still shows that they don't have accounts -- and yet they all do. She is using their email addys...

    For the 2 friends that are not private, she was able to click on the add a friend button or something and it does show them as pending approval.

    I think she's just anxious -- we had no idea it took so long for the requests to reach their destinations!