Have a looksee in my shopping bag from the NYC Sample Sale *PRETTY PICTURES*

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    I am so excited to share with you the items I acquired at the NYC Sample Sale on Wednesday. I think it was well worth waking :nuts: at 3 am for these lovelies!

    Without further adieu :graucho: let me present:

    Ebene Canvas Belt Handbag PM with Cocoan Skipper Buffalo Leather Trim

    Cow Bag Charm in Rouge VIF

    Tooloop Keychain in Vermillon Goatskin

    90cm Silk Carre Mon Petit Cheval Mexicain in Noir/Rouge VIF/Beige Dore

  2. Pikabook Snail Bookmark in Verte Amande

    Coulisse Bracelet in Rose

    And, at Madison Avenue, I picked up a Natural Color Narrow H Bracelet in Palladium (Size PM)! I have included lots of photos in different lighting to help show the color.
  3. Beautiful! :woohoo: Love all the red goodies!
  4. great goodies - love the H bracelet
  5. Beautiful! Just beautiful!
  6. Congrats!!
  7. Thanks for sharing with us. All your goodies are so pretty and definitely worth being an early bird. I love your Natural Clic Clac especially. Previously I thought I like a white but as the name implies, Natural has a softer tone to it. This will be the color that I'll get.
  8. How beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
  9. DS - I love all the things you got. But I especially love the natural H bracelet! Please enjoy everything in the best of health!! :drinkup:
  10. Very pretty!! When you find things like that then it is really worth the early waking!! Congrats!!:yes::yes::smile:
  11. You absolutely rock for showing us your goods. I'm so in love with your purchases.
  12. Lovely items so far. What kind of watch are you wearing? It looks a bit like Franck Muller but I don´t think it is? It´s lovely:smile:
  13. ^^looks like a Michelle watch? Lovely stuff -- glad you enjoyed your trip to the sale!
  14. Thanks fellow H lovers for visiting my thread and sharing my joy!

    chkpfbeliever, I considered the Chalk color, Marron Glace and Natural and once I tried on Natural I knew it was the one. It is a gorgeous beige and can definitely transcend the four seasons here in New Jersey beautifully!

    Hermes Nuttynut, Thanks so much and I am sure I will!

    lovely64, Thank you. And, yes as lulilu said, the watch is a Michele.
  15. Thanks, very nice:biggrin: