Have a look at this! Are you right or left?

  1. http://www.allmyfaves.com/blog/weekly-faves/are-you-artistic-or-logic-maybe-both/

    I saw her going anti-clockwise, then as soon as I moved the mouse to minimise the page, she changed to clockwise... As I started reading the article, she was changing again and again - sometimes I didn't even get a full rotation. I wonder what that says about my brain LOL:push::weird:
  2. Creepy! I got clockwise. no wait... O.o Now I can't get her back to clockwise again.:lol:
  3. Haha! I saw this two days ago and it drove me nuts coz I was trying to figure out how it worked! The first time I saw it, it went clockwise. When I go elsewhere to do something else and come back, it changes the other way.

    It has something to do with the brain, and which side is doing the work! I know a few people who can make it change (in their head) when they want. It's totally strange! You can sit down with another person and you see it going one way and they see it going another! It's totally weird coz it's the exact same image! :upsidedown:
  4. I know! I actually thought it might be a trick, ie. just an image that randomly changes direction every now and then, but I sat down with my SO and we were like "CHANGE! IT CHANGED! did it for you? did it for you?" and we saw different things.

    It's driving me nuts though, because I'm trying to pinpoint what happens at the exact moment it changes, to figure out how the illusion works, but I just can't see it!
  5. ^
    I think her legs, they one seems like it suddenly switches on the other side of the other leg than it did before. I still can't switch her if i focus on the hairpiece, it's a mystery to me.
  6. Eek! First time I watched it I thought she was going clockwise, now I just keep seeing her going counter-clockwise... this is weird!
  7. Weird....I could only get it to go clockwise!!
  8. I saw her fly! What does that mean?
  9. I saw her clockwise no matter how many times I went back to look!! I also saw her floats... eeks!
  10. only clockwise for me I guess I'm more logical than artistic
  11. LOL.

    I saw it clockwise.
  12. Only clockwise for me as well! :push:

    Edit: OMG I can now see it :yes: It's exactly like caxe says, the girl alternates between standing on right and left legs! I've been staring at this thing since I saw it 2 days ago, lol @ the amount of time I've wasted :upsidedown:
  13. It just switches back and forth between the two. Sometimes she stands on her right leg and twirls one way, and sometimes she stands on her left leg and turns the other way. Can't convince me that she's going one way or the other; she's clearly alternating and doing both. I'm sure someone put random changes into the animation.
  14. Nor sure what makes the shift occur, but the more intensely I look, the more I see her clockwise (what the heck, I'm a retired physicist). If I look away for a while and look back, she's counter - guess that means my first sight of an image is recorded by my right brain, but when I consider it carefully I use the left.
    As a 2-dimensional silhouette, of course, it's just oscillating back and forth - our brains supply the rotation from our 3-dimensional experience.
  15. At first she was anti-clockwise for ages so I was begining to wonder what you were all talking about. Then when I looked away she started going in the opposite direction. Very cool.