Have a look at a my preloved new black patent Betty!

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  1. :love:I am so happy with this cute black patent Betty!:love: It is the perfect small black bag for me! I've been looking for a black bag for ages, and then after seeing a black Betty IRL I totally fell for this style! The patent is just so much fun (I never considered myself a patent person, but with this style it is just great, I love it!) And I love the smaller size, it's perfect for going out at night, still you can put a lot of stuff in it!:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. words are failing me...
    this bag is stunning... i didnt know the patent betty could be so pretty...
    i am going to be on the hunt for one soon....
    enjoy her... beautiful
  3. :woohoo:Hey Brigitte - what a pair of stunners ( both you and the Betty !).
    It looks like the bag was made for you - so chic and effortlessly stylish :yes:...just gorgeous :heart:. Wear her in good health and enjoy :tup:.
  4. What a great purchase, brigitte. The bag is just stunning and the photos of you with your new bag are fabulous. It looks great on you. Love your outfit too. Thanks for sharing with us.
  5. Great duo, you and that cute Betty, you both look stunning--the bag is perfect for you---enjoy!!
  6. That bag was made for you! It looks great!
  7. OMG that bag is stunning and you look fabulous....

    I want a Betty NOW!
  8. You look SO good, the bags not bad either :yes::tup::biggrin::happydance:
  9. Those patent Betties will get you every time. I get the MOST compliments with that bag.

    Bridgitte you look simply marvelous! It all works, the bag, the outfit!! Definitely HOT!
  10. That bag is amazing on you!!
    Black patent is the only black bags I am feeling lately...
    Congrats on your great get!!
  11. Bridgette - I am so so happy you were able to find the black betty - and didn't take that long! It looks hot on you - hope you get lots of fun out of using her. I love the small size - not just for going out - but find it ok for day to day - without feeling like it's too small or too big.

    Yay for Patent Black Betty :happydance:
  12. Brigitte - I agee with everybody. That is one heck of a glamorous bag and you carry it so stylishly! Just stunning!!!
  13. :heart:Thank you mariabdc, lizzicat, Tag, Ilson, kiss_p, mona_danya, lanasyogamama, susieserb, chodessa, daisyrockrosie, divnanata!:heart:
    Thanks for all your compliments!:blush:

    It is so nice to be able to share this crazy joy about bags with you on this forum, I feel like you are all my "bag friends":hugs:, the only ones who really get it! I am very happy about this forum!

    And I agree, the black patent is great for a black bag! I am so happy I discovered this, since as I said I never thought I would like patent... thanks to the pics of the patent bags on the Betty lover forum! (Yours, too, chodessa, even if it was a red patent one!) now I feel like I am a member of the club of those stylish fun patent bag owners!:yahoo: And I had to take it out yesterday at once... so I think I will also use it day to day...
  14. Wow:heart:gorgeous, and the bag is tdf too.:girlsigh: It looks great on you.
  15. It is a gorgeus bag and it looks great on you. It is a shame they dont make Bettys anymore. Congrats on getting that one:tup: