Have a leather bag fetish

  1. Hi i must admit that i am a guy who as a leather bag fetish. I get excited when i see a lady wearing leather and carrying a huge leather bag. Sometimes i feel kind of embarressed but the sight of a huge bag hanging down the shoulder of the lady excites me too much. Have had couple of experiences(purely by coincidence) that i have had the pleasure to feel a leather bag of a lady in a crowded train for 15 min. The leather was so soft and every time i rubbed my finger it made a loud leather sound. Is it okay to be like that or is something wrong? I would like to know the answer to my embarressing fetish? should i get over it or are there other guys who have a similar love. Pls comment.
  2. To each his own, right? There are far more "out there" fetishes to have, KWIM??
  3. If you're for real, I'm with gung. I've heard of a lot stranger than a bag fetish. Besides, when you boil it down, aint that what we're all here for anyway?
  4. I mostly agree with the ladies above...
    i say "mostly" cuz i don't know if i would want you to be touching my bag if we were in a crowd...:shrugs:
  5. Its good to know there are guys out there that can appreciate some good quality leather :smile:
  6. If i caught you fondling my bag you'd get a slap! Get yourself a GF and buy her a great leather bag- best of both worlds!
  7. ^^ I tend to agree. I'm not up for strangers fondling my bags.

    Funny though reading the first post i'm going this is going to turn into something of the wall ( a nice way of saying it)

    Personally (op) I think your fetish is more LEATHER then leather handbag.
  8. I wish that my fiance had a leather bag fetish!
  9. I have handbag fetish too i love leather but i have been caught by my aunties best friend touching and feeling her lovely leather handbag and now she has made me her handbag boy
  10. There's nothing wrong with any sort of fetish, no need to be embarrassed! You should really not touch anyone or their belongings without their consent though, I'd refrain from that in the future if I were you. Maybe you could find a forum or dating site for various fetishes online and find someone likeminded that way?