HAVE A LAUGH...Graffiti Neverfull:-P...Are you a 'Miss February' or 'Miss March'?

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  1. Just me being silly and have a go at poking fun at the Graffiti launch date situation.

    I was at LV last evening and asked one of the SAs about the launch date of Graffiti. And she told me all else will be on Feb 2nd while Neverfull is delayed till March.

    It's so frustrating...I wonder whose word to trust now since I have heard all will be launched on Feb 2nd as well.

    So anyone has any confirmed news?:smile:

    Is Graffiti Neverfull a 'Miss Feburary' or 'Miss March'?:graucho:


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  2. lol
  3. Haha... I don't have any info, but would definately read Playbag!
  4. Hi myMANYBags! U are from Singapore too? That means we now have 2 SAs from Singapore (including Orudin's SA) saying that the Graffiti NF's launch date is being pushed to March 2009. I guess the news should be quite reliable then since it's coming from 2 different SAs. But I hope LV will change their minds and release the Graffiti NF on 2/2/09 as well! I was so looking forward to seeing the NF IRL!
  5. that's cute and funny!!! to add to the madness, i heard that the speedy was the one being delayed to march, not the NF. the confusion continues.
  6. ha ha i love it how creative of you.
  7. Well, guess the mystery will be solved on 2/2/09 when we visit the stores to see for ourselves.
  8. LOL! :smile:
  9. LOL Very creative!
  10. lol playbag?
  11. #11 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    Hi Winnie,

    yeah, from SG...so sad...

    I want Graffiti neverfull bad!

    Hope they got the wrong info. Cross our fingers.

    And sorry for the typos on the images. Misspelt Graffiti. Hahaha. Did it in a rush.


  12. your mag covers are amazing!

    From an Aussie point of view I hope it is soon before another price hike!
  13. :lol: that is so funny lol! playbag..hihi cute
  14. lol playbag!! need to subscribe
  15. Amazing mag covers! Great idea!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.