Have a job interview tomorrow...

  1. I am SOO nervous! But I need a full-time job really bad, so I have to do well! I've got a black skirt suit and black shoes, so I'm not too worried about the way I look. I did research on old threads about job interviews and how to prepare, so that's what I am doing today! Gotta think about my strengths and weaknesses as well as come up with a solid answer to why I want to work there.

    Wish me luck, ladies!
  2. Good luck!!!! :smile: Don't be nervous! :flowers:

    I always goto the website for the company and then get answers from there. May I ask what field is this in???
  3. i think the outfit you chose is perfect!!!
    you just have to be calm and relaxed, i'm sure everything will be great!!!!:biggrin::heart:
    GOOD LUCK!!!:flowers::flowers:

    ...and don't forget to keep us updated!
  4. Thank you! The job is at a mortgage company.
  5. Good luck, try your best!
  6. I wish you the best of luck! Relax and just be yourself. I am sure you will rock Girl!! Go get 'em!
  7. good luck!!! you will do great!
  8. Good luck! Hope you get it!
  9. good luck i'm sure you'll kick a$$
  10. Good luck!!!
  11. Yeeeeaaaaah - knock their socks off, likeafeather!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!! Let us know how it goes!!:yes:
  12. Oh OK, seems like a fast paced environment... at least time will go by fast. Good luck.

    Always list weaknesses that also can be looked at as strengths.

    Good luck again!
  13. GOOD LUCK! you will do great!
  14. GOOD LUCK!!! hope u get the job :P
  15. Thank you everyone!