Have A Guilty Pleasure Fashion Fantasy?

  1. Maybe its not your style, or you would be embarassed to go out wearing this style in real life.... or is there a person whose style you secretly admire but could never pull off yourself? Admit it here!!

    For me, Amy Winehouse is my secret style fantasy, in a MAJOR way!! lolll. Everything about the look, down to the hair (ok maybe not THAT big, but still, modestly) the heavy eyeliner, even that tattoos (although I wouldn't want pin up tattoos specifically...). I love all her dresses and the cute retro things, head to toe:tup:

    IRL, if I went out like that... lets just say I couldn't get down the stairs of my house without riotous laughter erupting... and for good reason!

    Let's hear yours, I KNOW some of you secretly wish you could dress like Bon Jovi groupies or something;)
  2. I wish I could wear 50's dresses, pumps, hair and make-up every day!! I see so many people dressed like this at college and around the area I live and I adore it!!
    However, it's tooo much of an effort for me!! I enjoy dressing nice and putting time/effort into my outfits but the whole 50's thing just seems a bit too time consuming. Especially the awesome hair do's!
    I try to incorporate small pieces of it into my "look" though. Like you could do the Amy Winehouse thick eyeliner with a "normal/toned down" outfit!
  3. Carrie Bradshaw!!!!
  4. Princess Dianna!
  5. So this probably isn't the kind of response I'm supposed to provide but my honest fashion fantasy would be to be able to wear Uggs anywhere and everywhere. Yes I know they're ridiculous-looking but they are beyond comfy and they keep me warm. Plenty of shoes I like, but none of them are as comfortable. Jeez I sound old!
  6. Daphne Guinness, Amanda Harlech, Isabella Blow's hats (Philip Treacy), Victoire de Castellane's jewelry (Dior) ... but I wouldn't copy any of them.
  7. Me too! Not punk rockabilly with 50's dresses and tattoos and piercings, but actual 50's style-- like a glamorous Stepford Wife :shame:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Victoria Beckham...I so wish I could dress like her ALL the time! But I go to a very casually dressed school, so I don't think it would be very well received.
  9. I like the extremes. I would either go for the totally polished look ala Dita Von Teese or the total opposite punk look with a red and black mohawk, bondage pants and combat boots.

    Neither look would go over well for the sahm I am...

  10. I totally get this, I am attracted to both those kinds of looks too but they would both be very Halloween on me..

    The punk thing I'd lean more towards Joe Strummer than the mall Avril look though, I'm sure you know what I mean ;) . There are too many little Avrils running around, they look quite silly...
  11. two words (or names, lol):




    p.diddy era JLo!!

    ahhhh i WISH ;) ;)
  12. Elsa Schiaparelli's clothes, and many '20s and early '30s styles. I use references, a '20s coat or a loose silhouette or a hat, but would never lacquer my hair down completely or start wearing jewelry (I'm a guy, by the way). But there isn't much that I would never wear, just a matter of getting it.
  13. Amy Winehouse!! love her style... but only on her!
  14. hmm this is a hard question, I think about it all the time. I wish I could be more polished and glamorous everyday! I hate just throwing jeans and a C&C tee on everyday.
  15. I wish I could wear white pants. I always see print models or famous people wearing them with colorful tops and I thnk it looks great. I just feel too self conscious thought.