Have a dilemma-need all you Hermes experts advice~

  1. I have put my names down in Hermes requesting 30cm/40cm White and Red and sadly I missed the chance on a Red due to lack of luck (sad story). SA said white is pretty impossible to find. Anyways, so now I have 2 choices.
    -Get a Etoupe 40cm which I love but not as much as the White OR
    -Wait for a white 40cm which I dont know when it's going to come to me.

    Etoupe I think is good for all seasons whereas the white is a little hard during the winter seasons here. What do you guys think? :push: How easy is it to find a White 40cm even from a reputable reseller?

    I just can't seem to make up my mind~~

    TIA-all the ladies here are so knowledgable about Hermes and I am so happy to be here!
  2. Well, I think white truly is a summer/spring bag, honestly. I would go for the Etoupe *unless* you have your heart set on white and/or can afford both. Etoupe seems to me to be a more neutral color and more useful for year round wear.
    I haven't seen any white 40cm for sale recently (if ever) honestly. I have seen a white Kelly here and there, and I think Luxury Zurich has a white 35 cm Birkin (not sure of the size though, could be smaller) right now.

    Not that I'm an expert, per se! But I do shop around a lot ;)
  3. agree with cyn, white is pretty much for one season with a few exceptions; etoupe is great all year long, i do not think i have ever even seen a 40cm white either. i did see red sitting on the shelf for weeks this summer, i am so sorry you missed out on it, there are a couple floating around though, best of luck.
  4. Thanks CynthiaNYC and HC. Your advice and information are very much appreciated. Do you know howclemence ages? Does it get softer and slouchier with extensive use?

    Thanks :smile:
  5. Yes it does, catabie. More pronounced in a size 40cm.

    From what I understand from my store, the quota for 40cm's are alot fewer in numbers. Most stores order 35cm's and 30cm's because they are the more commonly requested sizes. Not everyone pull off a 40cm with grace.

    That said, if you come across a 40cm that you like, grab it.
  6. White always scares me that its going to get filthy dirty, I would skip the white
  7. Me too, skip the white, the Etoupe will be beautiful!
  8. White is beautiful but Etoupe is a color u will carry all year round-maybe its a better investment?
  9. Etoupe definitely -- If you were in an area that was warm year round, white would be fine, but I see from your avatar you are in Va.
  10. I'm glad someone else is having a color problem...I want to buy one of each, put unfortunately have to feed all the animals.
  11. I vote for Etoupe ! Gorgeous color.

    Leather ? maybe VL in a 40cm.
  12. Definitely pass on the white. It's just not practical enough if this is a first Birkin. If you are going to do etoupe clemence, I would consider a 35 cm bag to handle the slouch factor. This is a very beautiful and versatile bag in that color/leather combo. As hermeslady suggests above, if you are going with a 40 then a stiffer leather is a good idea.
  13. catabie--I always refer to etoupe as the 'little color that could'...it's a great all season color. :smile:

    p.s. Love your panda avatar...so cute!! :smile: