Have a couple of "problems", could use your help!

  1. So, I won a bag off of eBay on the 8th of Feb. I paid INSTANTLY. She emailed me on Friday(10th) and said it would go out Monday(12th) and I should have it Wednesday(14th). I stay at home all day Wed, hoping it will be here. She emails me Thurs(15th) and says sorry I didn't get it to you, I've been sick, it will go out tomorrow (Fri-16th). I email her Friday to ask if it's been sent out, so I know when to expect it....she emails me back on Sunday(18th) to say she's still been sick and it will go out Monday (20th-which it can't, since it's a holiday today)!? Do I still leave + feedback (assuming the bag makes it to me in the condition she stated)? I was supposed to have it last Wed(14th)....now I won't have it until atleast a week (actually more-22nd, at earliest) later!

    Ok, this is problem #2...I sold a NIB LV Panda agenda....clearly stated that I only ship to US. Well wouldn't you know it.....the winner lives in THAILAND!!!??? What the heck? Pretty sure that's not in the US? Then they pay and it's UNCONFIRMED????? Do I just send it and hope it turns out....they did pay today and the auction just ended last night?

    Thanks!! :shame: Think I'll be backing off of eBay for awhile.........
  2. Not a great eBay run for you. Here is what I would do if it is any help. Regarding your purchase...wait to get it first before you do anything. If it great and you love the item I would most likely leave a positive...something along the lines of "great item, shipping a little slow...". If the bag is not perfect, then that is a different story. Second...stating you only sell to US often does not discourage international bidders. Either they do not read the entire listing or just go ahead in the hopes you will ship them. You can block them on your listing or decide not to ship them and send a second chance offer to your next highest bidder. You said they paid..did they pay the domestic shipping charge? Can you invoice them with international shipping fee included? I prefer not to ship internationally but it certainly does open you up to many more customers. Make sure the money is cleared and that the pay full shipping charge if you decide to proceed but you do have an out since it was stated in your listing. Good Luck.
  3. Well, for #1, I would cut her some slack, many of us have been very sick, including myself, and that does delay packages getting sent out. Make sure the seller gives you a tracking number so you can ensure she's not scamming you. I generally don't give negative feedback if the item is delivered as described in the auction. Once I gave positive feedback but said "Item exactly as described, shipping took 3 weeks." That way it's just a statement and people who read it can decide for themselves whether they want to buy from that seller as well.

    For #2, I actually don't mind shipping internationally (although I know other sellers prefer not to do this) so if you do ship it, make sure you do so with some sort of tracking to protect both of you. And make sure that the buyer has paid you enough to cover the cost of international shipping.

    Good luck!
  4. Hello, yes bad luck!

    I'd be patient w/ this seller. Maybe you could ask her to express or ups two day?? I might do this as a seller if I was sick.

    Also just for future listings: When you list your items, you can block bidders from countries you don't ship to. It's with the shipping info.
  5. I would not ship to Thailand, there are too many scams going on and to ship to unconfirmed and especially when your auction state US only you are the one taking a risk because I am sure it will come back as something like "using a stolen credit card", and you will be out the bag and money.
  6. I have shipped to Thailand before without any problems. I may be a bit weary if the buyer had low feedback score. You will also need to get their contact information as their telephone number is required on the customs paperwork, click on the ebay help tab to find the link. I would definitely recommend you ship it Express to make sure you can track it. Also check to make sure the name of the person you are sending it to has the same name as the person who sent the money (will show on paypal payment received).
    FYI when I ship Express I buy the labels through USPS.com rather than paypal as you get a 5% discount!