Have a Chance for MAn Crazy ...

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  1. Hi
    I have been going crazy for LV I am so confused ,my SA has a man crazy for me I think it is so cool but will it be in style in a few years. ??
    willl I reget not getting it ....HELP :confused1:
  2. I'm not a fan of the jokes, but like everything else about the bag.... I have found it really suits some people. I'm not much help, I guess look at other seasonal or LE items from years ago and which is timeless and compare.... I think the more classic styles stay in fashion, the louder ones tend to pass with the season.
  3. go for it
  4. i would pass... but if you are into the LE appeal...
    go for it!
  5. oh get it this is such a cute bag
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    go for it, I didn't like this bag originally but somehow I became obsessed with it last November.. anyhow, I have one on it's way to me and it has me on :cloud9:
  7. I have a Duderanch and love it to bits,I say go for it...
  8. If you know you will use it then go for it ... I just found the style quite 'boxy' for me:yes:
  9. This was last year SS bag and I bought it last year, sold it about 6 months later.

    To be honest, I missed it now.
  10. I think you should go for it!
  11. It is such a beautiful bag (specially in orange). Saw a 60+ year old woman carrying it the other day and she rocked the bag making it appear classier. Get it
  12. Aside from the joke on it, I love the look of the bag - how big it is, the snakeskin handles, and the vibrant colours. Go for it!
  13. If you are going to use it, I would say to get it. I passed on this bag a couple of times, in an attempt "to be good" and I really regret it. I love how light it is and I love the orange with the mono canvas.
  14. OMG, get the bag!!!

    i think if you'll use it then it's worth it, don't fall into the "will it still be in" trap. it's "in" if you want it to be ...

    the color, the snakeskin handles, the shape and size=one gorgeous bag.
  15. I think you should go for it! I worry about the same thing if a particular bag willbe stylish in the years to come. I really felt this way about the roses. In the end, I got the speedy and don't regret it! Also, when I see older LE pieces being carried, I don't even think of the bag as being out of style but rather that this person has a true love LV just like me! I think it's cool to see older LE pieces!