Have a black city already is it silly to get a black work?

  1. is that too similar? I am dieing to get a work, but don't know if I should get black?! what do you think? many thanks!
  2. Heavens no! I have both in black! Black for going out, weekends, and the work for well... work! Love 'em both!!!:p :heart:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I think you can never have too many black bags or bbags! But have you considered 07 marine...? It is a beautiful dark navy which looks almost black under certain lightings...very classy imo...well biased opinion since i own one :p (and good to see u on tPF! :yes: )
  5. gosh i am so torn! is 810 a good price for the work? i found a liliac one with split tassles and darkend handles......
    i'm so desperate for a work, i don't even care what color it is.........
    hubby will be upset again..........
  6. ally, i want your bag collection!

    mint, good to see u too, had hubby dropped it off early this morning!
  7. I would get a different colour to have more variety
  8. Black is one color you can never have too much of. And it goes with everything. And Balenciagas just look so classic in black!
  9. Sure thing, why not a Black Work? You already seem to have made up your mind about it. I think that enough of our BalGals here will enable you to go that way. You can NEVER go wrong with Black, plus, using the Work for work will tend to show less wear and tear on it.

    Good luck, and let us know on which color you decide...
  10. nope, it's not silly...
    i have a black fbf (dark coffe, but it really looks closer to black than brown) and a black city!
  11. Not silly at all - go for it - great to have a bigger bag,

    Ally your collection is to die for

    Mint - my marine city is on route - should get her thurs
  12. Nope nope :smile:
    They serve different purposes :smile:
  13. go for it! I totally LOVE my Black City but TOTALLY go for a Black Work!!!
  14. Nope it's not silly ..can never have enough black bags ;)
  15. I don't like repeating colors in a collection...but black doesn't count ;)