Have a bit of buyer's regret

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  1. I went to my local LV this week (cannot order online in my country) to get e couple SLG's but I also wanted a small easy bag for a trip next week. I was thinking of a Pochette Metis, or a Favorite, and I was leaning more towards the Favorite in Damier Azure because so far, I haven't invested in a DA piece but I've wanted one for years (even before I even got any LV).
    Bummer, they had no Metis in stock and they didn't have the Favorite in DA anymore, so I got it in monogram. I also wanted a mini pochette accessoire, and same thing : no DA, I got it in monogram.

    I like my new items but I have a ton of mono stuff and I feel sad that I still don't have a DA piece. On the other had I worry about it getting dirty and the Vachetta being stained when it rains (Belgium=rain)

    I'm thinking of going back to get either a Speedy B 25, or a Noe BB in DA (the Delightful would be much bigger, right?). Am I ridiculous for wanting a Summer bag that I might only be able to use only a few weeks/months per year?
  2. I don't think you're being ridiculous at all for wanting something in DA, even if you might only be able to use it for a few weeks/months per year. I use my DE bag all year round, there's no rule that says you can only use DA in summer but the lighter colours are more "summery" in my opinion. I'm currently living in Germany so I understand what you mean regarding the short (and unpredictable) summers.

    If you really want something in DA then you should get it, just use it and enjoy it and if it gets a bit dirty you can always give it a wipe over. You do have to be a bit careful with vachetta when it rains but I think once it has a nice patina that worry gets a bit less.
  3. Thank you! Yes, it's the rain I worry about, more than the season themselves. I have a Delightfull MM in Mono that I love but I got caught in the rain while wearing it a couple times and there are small water marks on the vachetta handle :sad: That's what I'm mostly worried about. But DA is too pretty for me to pass on I think :smile:
  4. Just go for it, there's always a risk of rain in Europe even when it looks like it'll stay sunny :smile: All you can do is be as careful as you can with it. LV is meant to be used and enjoyed :smile:
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  5. I don't think it's ridiculous at all - as a matter of fact - I think it's natural for anyone who is fashion conscious. The color white is traditionally considered a "summer color" and I'm sure everyone has a white item (handbag, accessories, shoes, clothing, etc.) in their wardrobe, which in some regions, they only wear 3-4 months out of the year. Same with winter outerwear (coats, boots) - only a few months of use. My point is that limited wear of most fashion items is a natural phenomenon. Hence, a DA bag is no different. Don't let projected months of limited use prevent you from purchasing it.
  6. I like the DE better than the monogram and the DA. There was a time all I had was the monogram because that was all I can get my hands on and I never get satisfied. I didnt like that it was too obvious LV and the people I socialized with are more into MK and coach. DA is pretty too but its more prone to color transfer and fading . I have a key cles in DA that I used often and the edge prints have already faded. Im quite happy with my small collection. Im glad I already have 2 DE.
  7. Im a little worried about the cracking issues of DE bags and luckily mine is a favorite pm bag so its just the strap im worried about. The SA told me this shouldnt happen so we will see. Ive only read about this but I have never seen it in person.
  8. I guess we like what we like and we are never truly satisfied till we get it, right ? I personally don't like the DE, because I don't like the dark brown handles and piping that go with it. Also I feel like I see so many bad fakes of it that it probably puts me off.
    I even got my agendas in Damier Graphite so I could have a damier that was dark and no monogram :biggrin:
    I guess I have to take a chance on DA and be careful with it.
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  9. Do you mean the glazing ? I've seen a few videos on that on YouTube. Apparently when it happens, LV replaces your bag, as it shouldn't happen and should be a rare occurence. I've had my Delightful and my Pochette Accessoire a year and have had no issue.

  10. There are more fakes in monogram actually...thats why I prefer the other two although I like DE best...so far..

  11. No, the treated leather itself...Ive read of it cracking..because the leather is too tight that in prolonged use or when you put it in hot places, it cracks...ive heard of it happen in the neverfull in DE. I hope it doesnt happen to my favorite pm although the SA assured me that I can just bring it back if it happens. I bought the DE because I can use it even when it rains unlike the monogram. In the monogram its the water spot and it getting darker in sun exposure is the isue. I wish they could have leathers like the one coach or mk uses that doesnt change color or cracks
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  12. I live in the UK where there is always a chance of rain, but i got my neverful in DA for summer and i wouldn't swap it. It is the perfect summer tote and although I know i won't use it often, maybe just for holiday's abroad it is nice to have and gives me an option of rotating with my other more wintery, worry free bags. You should get what makes you happy and enjoy :smile:
  13. Agreed, I live in rainy Northern Ireland and my DA SpeedyB doesn't get a huge amount of use here, but I adore it on my holidays and the odd sunny day here :sunshine: IMG_5827.JPG
  14. I think you should get what makes your heart sing! Sometimes a different color/style might be more "practical" but what good is it if you don't really love it! I love DA too and I agree you have to be more careful with it - and being from S. Florida, I know about rainy weather. :hrmm: I'm less paranoid about using my DA bags, especially after I have "broken" them in and they get their first marks/water spots. Somehow it all seems to blend in when it patinas.
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  15. We all have summer clothing that we only wear when it's warm, right?? (Well, not LVLoveaffair and I - I live in Florida too, and it's shorts year-round, but anyway.) My point is that every wardrobe needs seasonal pieces. The good news is that Spring/Summer come around year after year, and if you get a piece that is classic and functional for your lifestyle, you won't get tired of using it every year. It will be your kind of "Welcome Spring!" ritual to bring it out!

    I got a DA Neverfull this Spring, and my plan, after using it all summer, is to get another Neverfull in DE for Fall . . . but to tell you the truth, the DA really seems to go with everything??? I never expected that it would, but it's really such a versatile print, and I can see reaching for it even in winter. No law says we have to be confined to black, brown, and burgundy for half the year. :biggrin:

    I think the Speedy B 25 is SO adorable in DA. In fact, if I were to get another DA piece, that's what it would be.
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