Have A Balenciaga B-day Nwpurselover!!

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  1. Happiest of BBag B-DayWishes to you!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday. :balloon:I wish you the best of every thing.:love::heart:
  3. A big Happy birthday to you, Nwpurselover!!!
  4. Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday!! :party:
  5. :heart::woohoo::smooch::drinkup: HAPPY BIRTHDAY:drinks::balloon::hugs:
  6. Happy bday!!!!!:dothewave::party:
  7. Awww geeez! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It was so fun to go to NM's and look at the new bags on my birthday with hmwe46.
  8. I had such a blast!!! :yahoo:

    It was totally cool playing hookie with you today :heart:

    Pretend like I bought you lunch er something, k???? :shame:
  9. Did you 2 ladies purchase anything? Take advantage of that buy 2 sale?:smile:
  10. Happy birthday dear C! :party::drinkup::kiss:
  11. :drinkup:Happy Birthday!!!! I can't think of a better way to spend a Birthday! :party:
  12. Happy Birthday NWpurselover!!:woohoo:
    Very nice way to spend your birthday!
  13. How fun! Happy birthday dear!!! :dothewave::dothewave::love::tup::yahoo:
  14. Happy birthday!
  15. Happy, happy birthday! What a fun way to spend your birthday - shopping at NM! Did you buy yourself a birthday present????