Havanne vs Cocoan in chevre

  1. Wrt chevre leather, is havanne quite a dark colour or is it similar to chocolate in say togo ie. kinda milk chocolate? Also, I've seen cocoan IRL on chevre de Coromandel and it's a beautiful dark brown colour. How does this compare to havanne? Does havanne have reddish undertones? The only pic I've seen of havanne is of Eric Fam's Birkin but the lighting and resolution there wasn't the best so it's hard to truly ascertain the colour/shade.

    Also, is marron fonce a chevre colour? I know it's listed as one in the "Leather/colour availability" thread but I'm not so sure. Can anyone confirm? If it does indeed come in chevre as well, how does it compare to havanne and cocoan? I reckon it would be too close to cocoan to be offered as well in chevre but I might be wrong.
  2. MF is a Chevre color; I know it was done in previous years in CDC, not so sure if it's currently being done. I have an older one in CDC on its way to me in a few days so I will post pictures then. I have seen Cocoan in Chevre and it didn't seem quite as dark as MF which is very deep and has the teeniest hint of maroon to it when held in the sunlight. I have not seen Havane in Chevre (didn't know that it came in Chevre!).
  3. I second Orchid's info with regard to both her color descriptions and the lack of recent availability of Marron Fonce and I also believe the same is true of Havanne. It used to be available in Chevre, but I haven't seen it in the current list of available colors or in that section of the swatch book. (When it was available, it had just a hint of reddish undertone and was probably very close to Marron Fonce.)

    The only current dark brown color that I've seen consistently offered recently in Chevre has been Cocoan. That seems to be the most true dark brown without any overt undertone from what I've seen of it.
  4. Uh oh, what are you up to gurlie?
  5. I was browsing on a H bag done in Cocoan coromandel and had the opportunity to take it outside the store to see its true color in broad daylight and noticed it to have red undertones to it. When I asked my wonderful SA to hold it next to her, it surely showed the red undertones similar to burgundy since she was wearing a navy suit that day. I don't mind the redness when it is done in croc. But for a smooth leather, I prefer my brown to have no red hues. I guess that is why I am more fond of marron fonce especially in box leather. Try to see the color of the leather in daylight if you can and try to put it next to a navy background. Any red hues will easily be visible under a navy backdrop.
  6. Thankyou for all your responses!:flowers: Ooh, orchids, how come you have the bags I want?? LOL! I love deep, dark chocolate colours and not so much the lighter ones. Good to know MF is/was a colour that was available.

    JH, I agree with your assessment of cocoan. The one I saw did have reddish undertones to it and although I thought it was quite beautiful, it didn't sing to me and make my heart skip a beat. I prefered something a tad darker.