havane color??????

  1. Just wondering...is havane an H color? I've looked on the other threads to see a sample of it but cannot find it...can anyone help?
  2. Yes, it is a color. Let me see if I can go find something in it.
  3. Havanne......(in Croc though).......:heart:
  4. Like in the printing of stationery, each colour although Pantone-accurate, may produce different results in application in different media i.e red may appear in two different shades on different papers, on screen, etc.

    With that in mind, hermes pigments/dyes produce different results with each skin.

    1st. Pic. Havane on chevre.

    2nd Pic. Havane on evergrain.

    Essentially, they are the same colour - just a slight tonal difference. On chevre it's a brown with a hint of purple. On Evergrain, it's a bit more maroon in comparison.
    Photo 46.jpg Photo 37.jpg
  5. Found this on eBay (photo courtesy of Deltastew)
  6. This is Havanne in Swift:
    P1010173.JPG P1010178.JPG
  7. ^^^ Forgot to say that the first pic is without flash and closer to the real color, and the second is with flash...
  8. wow it looks different on different leathers.
    duna's looks brown.
    shopmom's looks brown.
    that eBay one has some marooniness to it.
  9. I like the color....thanks everyone...just thinking of getting a Kelly clutch in that color leather:rolleyes:
  10. Eric, I love your bags.
  11. Gorgeous bags!

    OMG Shopmom.... :drool: :drool: :drool: :heart:
  12. I remember that Havanne in box calf looks reddish brown.